Chapter 3 - Friends, Hotties, & Total Barbies

Chapter 3 - Friends, Hotties, & Total Barbies

A Chapter by Ariana H

There is a lot of dialogue in this chapter. Liz meets some new people(:

“S**t.” Liz wasn’t paying attention and walked into a puddle on the way to her bus stop. She looked down to her black converse and made a disapproving face.Well isn't this day off to a great start? She pulled her white iphone out of her sweatshirt pocket and unraveled the earbuds. The first song that came on was “Stereo Heart” By the Gym Class Heroes and Adam Levine. It was her new favorite song and she had it on replay all of the bus ride.

Well, isn’t this pleasant. Liz walked in the front doors of her new life. She was a freshmen and she was going to start new. Well, maybe cheating a little bit with just a few people she knew. Thank god her shoes had dried a little since the bus stop and they weren’t squeaking anymore. She asked one of the girls in the hallway where her home room was located and followed the directions.

Everyone was sitting on desks with their backpacks slumped on the floor gossiping about how “awesome” their summer was, when everyone knew they really didn’t do much. Liz’s summer consisted mostly of sitting in her room drawing, watching tv, and blogging on tumblr. 
She walked into the room slowly and sat at the only desk that wasn’t infested with people who wouldn’t shut up. Then, she noticed a boy sitting next to her with earbuds in his ears. Liz tried to catch a glimpse of what the boy was listening to. Hmm. Six feet under the stars by All time low. Not bad. The boy noticed her observing  him and turned.
“Do you like them?” 

Liz was embarrassed that he caught her being her nosy self. “Yeah. I do.”

The boy pulled one of the earbuds out of his ear and offered it to Liz. She looked at the earbud for a moment. She had already made a friend. And he was sort of cute. She lifted her hand and grabbed the earbud. And then, right when she was about to place it into her ear, she heard the boy say, “Oh, my bad. By the way, I’m Ethan.”

The entire class, Liz and Ethan whispered to each other, talking about likes and dislikes. Then, the time came and class ended.

“Well, do you have any other classes with me?” Liz said as she passed her schedule to Ethan. 

Ethan scanned over the paper and said, “We have chemistry.”
Liz stared at Ethan’s face with confusion. Well, that was sort of random? We know each other for a day and the kid already has feelings for me. I mean, I think he is cute and stuff but… Liz noticed that she was just standing there, thinking to herself and that she hadn’t answered Ethan yet. 

“Wait what?”

Ethan’s cheeks turned pink and said, “Oh… I didn’t mean… I meant the class, chemistry.”

Liz made an understanding face and they both giggled a little. They both said their goodbyes and walked away. Liz couldn’t wait until after lunch when she has chemistry class with Ethan. But for now, she had to find her way to her next class, and fast! 

Liz constantly got lost in the long, winding hallways of her airport sized school. She was walking down the hallway, almost to her destination, when all of the sudden, she spotted a group of girls gossiping in the middle of the hallway. She stopped and stood at the middle of another hallway, contemplating whether she should turn and be late for class or go straight toward the girls that looked like barbies. She didn’t want to make a bad first impression on her math teacher so she walked swiftly down the hall toward the girls. Liz heard little whispers coming from each of them. First from the blonde, then brunette, then the other blonde and so on. 

“Oh my god. So me and Ian’s anniversary is tomorrow and I totally forgot! Should I get him a new phone because he hasn’t been answering my texts lately.  I legit have texted him every hour today and he has not responded yet,” the blonde said worried. 

The brunette looked at the blonde suspiciously and said, “Don’t you think your being a little too clingy? Maybe that’s why he won’t answer your texts…”

The blonde sighed and turned to face Liz’s direction, then made a questionable expression. Liz just kept walking toward her math class but then she was interrupted by one of the barbies. 

“Hey you! Were you listening to our convo? Don’t be a nosy little b***h.”

Liz was amazed. She had already made an enemy on her first day of school. Wonderful. Maybe I should just ignore her and keep walking? So she did. Liz decided to continue down the hall until another one of the girls said, “Stop shaking the floors fat a*s.”

Then, Liz stopped walking and gave the blonde girl the dirtiest look ever. She was completely pissed that this girl was ruining her surprisingly decent first day of school. Then, out of no where, an angel from the heavens appeared. Well, not literally an angel, but a boy with brown hair, beautiful eyes and a letterman jacket on. 

“Lily, give the girl a break. You don't have to be mean to every girl that walks by."

Lily made a surprised face and froze, her cheeks turning light pink. She just stood there for a moment, awkwardly looking at the boy who just saved Liz. Then, Lily told all of the girls to follow her and they left, leaving the hallway with a hollow silence. 

“You didn’t have to do that, ya know.”
“It’s ok. Lily’s my girlfriend and she practically does anything that I say to stay with me. Not that I take advantage of her. I didn’t mean it like that, but…”
“It’s fine. I get it. Thanks. But, oh my god, I’m going to be so late for my class!”

“Want me to show you where your class is?” the boy offered.

Liz looked at the watch on her right arm and agreed. The boy found out that the class that she was headed to, was actually the class that he was supposed to be in too. They finally came to the door of the classroom and Liz asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your name?”


"Oh, i like that name. Mine's Liz. Thank you again for doing that and showing me to my class."

"Talk to ya later. Bye." They both walked in the class and separated, finding a seat and waiting for class to begin. 

© 2011 Ariana H

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Ariana H
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I am lucky enough not to have girl that would ever be that mean at my school...but I'm sure there are at some places

Posted 12 Years Ago

like it(: i can kinda visualize the girl, but it'd be nice if you could give more detail of the people. (:

Posted 12 Years Ago

Awesome! Cant wait to read the next chapter :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like this:) Judgemental is coming along great:) I love how you describe things.. I can picture everything in my head really well:) Well done! :3

Posted 12 Years Ago

Ooh! Exciting! two new boys! Really awesome chapter and do your best!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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A Story by Ariana H

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