Deep Fucked Up Feelings

Deep Fucked Up Feelings

A Poem by Ariana H

When I'm sad, I write random things and it makes me feel better. So from now on, I'm thinking about posting those things on here? They're not really thought out well, I just get bored, so I write.

Shimmers of moonlight shine through the filthy glass window.
I sit upon my floor in silence, thinking d e e p thoughts. 
My body is dead still, 
The only movements are the lifting and lowering of my chest, 
Taking in oxygen from this f u c k e d  u p world. 
All alone, 
My eyes grow heavier as the time goes by. 
Tick tock
The only sound, floating through the room like a ghost. 
Visions of my room turn to a blur. 
My eyes turn moist and a drop of sadness glides down my cheek.
The only f e e l i n g s from my dark lifeless eyes has been burned out

© 2011 Ariana H

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Ariana H
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When I got this title, I imagined, it's a poem about lust where you've scented the fragrance of feelings through words...but when I read this whole poem, I was shocked, because by the title, I didn't expect you've twisted this poem...and that's what all I loved and it makes me smile.

Am sorry to hear your sad but I hope, your happy because today it's 2014 now and this poem's written in 2011 ...
The writing style's very creative, I love your writing way, the font's very beautiful. I'd love to read your new 2014 stuffs if you've dropped here.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ariana H

8 Years Ago

Wow, I don't even remember writing this poem now, I just decided to go on this website after a while.. read more
and i dont know who told me this but i am going to tell it to you now =] so take it as good advice because you are still younge and the world lies ahead of you to explore... when you dont want to write, you write the best, when you want to write, you cant. when you had a s**t day, you write the best than on a sunny day... because this poem here, this is absolute a masterpiece and i would buy a whole book of these poems in and read them all! good job =) and post all your work let me see them =] xxx

Posted 11 Years Ago

I have to admit, the title kind of drew me in!
And hey, some of my favorite reads weren't planned out by the author at all! In fact, I tend to prefer those from time to time because then typos and grammatical errors don't even matter, though I don't really think you had any anyways...

I thought it was a good read, and I did enjoy the bold spelling out the title- clever! This poem sounds like how I felt after my last break up, lol. Nice job, and keep it up! (:

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Ariana H
Ariana H


Hey! My name is Ariana. I am 16 years old; A Sophomore in high school. Reading is probably my biggest hobby. I LOVE to read. I like writing stories & poetry, but I'm a bit of an amateur. I also pl.. more..

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