They cried "Racist"

They cried "Racist"

A Poem by Barry S. Maltese

The vast majority of people do not judge on the basis of skin color, or Race. Especially here at the Cafe . . . I wish that those who seek to push racism when ever they can will someday opt for peace

"Racist" was the cry as fingers were pointed.... 
accusations came out of the one self anointed. 
And as soon as the words flew out through the air, 
a mob gathered quickly to boost the dispair. 
They chanted and cried that justice be done. 
And attacked with vengeance - it was a war to be won . 
Though the facts remain hidden they were happy to believe, 
after all it was natural, though it was so ill-conceived.

It was black, it was white - it could only be hate
And now that it's news we should all now relate
Hang that mean racist - do not wait for a trial
We can twist up the facts, and we can do it with style
Everyone was engulfed in the passion of it all
No benefit of doubt, do not wait, do not stall
We will march, we will chant, we will burn down his house
It was Black, It was White - he has to be a louse.

But then the dust settled and the facts just escaped
And the man behind the curtain, no longer was draped
They could all see the truth, though some still chose the lie
For it would lift them each up, if the flame didn't die
But we then heard from others, from the ones who chose peace
They pointed out friendships - asked for the hatred to cease
The average human being had the same heart inside
And we'd all see that facts, if our heart opened wide.

With the hate mongers silenced, they all had to leave
But smirked in their exit with a trick up their sleeve.
They will wait for the future, when they'll again reappear
Spreading more of their hate - while they seem so sincere
When will they learn, that we prefer to look inside
Where we are brothers and sister, sharing with pride
We can reach out to each other, without the mistrust
For when we appear before our maker, He will truly be Just.

© 2013 Barry S. Maltese

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Yep, sometimes it came cone against us as well.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 26, 2013
Last Updated on August 26, 2013
Tags: racism, brotherly love, friendship, creed, color, hope, togetherness