An unfair advantage � are there any heroes left?

An unfair advantage � are there any heroes left?

A Poem by Barry S. Maltese

Today's shameful truth


An unfair advantage – are there any heroes left?
By Barry S. Maltese
Another Baseball hero tests positive for steroids. People condemn him for taking the easy way out. Giving himself an unfair advantage. He unleveled the playing field, and did NOT rise above because he was better, but because he cheated. How do you admire someone who skulks in the darkness and steals away the honesty from an American pastime? It is just like the poker player with the ace up his sleeve, or the boxer who puts weights in his gloves.
When I was younger I had heroes. They weren’t perfect; they struck out at bat from time to time. They bobbled a baseball on occasion. But they were honest. So, I was not afraid to make a mistake, as long as I gave it my best effort. What are our children seeing today? Who can we hold up as a hero?
We have Banking Executives who take bonuses for failing at their job – right after they lay off a large section of their workforce. We have Presidents who have had sex in the Oval Office. We have Posy Schemes that steal away a family’s life savings, and bankrupt institutions that serve our communities.
What are we to do? Where is the moral fiber of our culture? I was raised with a sense of being my brother’s keeper, not with stabbing him in the back so I can be more comfortable.  I was hoping to instill these values in my children, and it seems as if I have so far – but what are they seeing? I tell them I want them to have the best for themselves, and they see that the only way to get it is to lie and cheat. If you want a house and enough to feed your family, then you must do what it takes! But how can that be true? My Heroes did not do that when I was younger. I did not do that now. But I am not rich.
Yet, if we hold steady on this course that we are on today, EVERYONE will be watching their own backs because there will be no one that can be trusted. They will become phonies who lie to your face while they wonder how to be one up on you.
As the value of life becomes cheapened, as the life of values becomes weakened, and as the weak become feasted upon, our culture will die. We need to do something about this rampant corruption, and do it quickly. We need to set standards, and punishment for destroying those standards.
Our Baseball cheaters will get a slap on the wrist. Our corrupt officials will be given yet another chance. And our children will learn just how to get ahead. They will learn it from what they see. Not from what we tell them. Action does not speak louder than words, because it is the only thing that people really hear.
Feb 12th, 2009

© 2009 Barry S. Maltese

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Sometimes we have inaccurate ideas about our childhood heroes because we have childhood viewpoint but today with all of the reporting and communications nothing is missed; so perhaps the fact that we see more bad simply means that more bad is reported but not necessarily occurring than it was when we were children; and I do believe that…You are so aware Barry, it is difficult to find heroes today, they are no in politicians, no celebrities and often not even in families. The heroes today are the unsung unknown and never to be known; every day parents and family members that go to work every day in insecure jobs in an insecure economy, with an unknown future, yet every day they go. To me they are heroes. Wonderful writing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Hero's are everywhere, you just have to look and understand that it may not be a media event, but something that changes one persons life.

You know me, I'm Krystal Waters. Was banned because people cloned my account, but I am back and glad to say that I found you because you were my very good friend.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 12, 2009