Essay..... my ending of the drummer boy of shiloh

Essay..... my ending of the drummer boy of shiloh

A Story by creativekat

ths is my ending to the book : the drummer boy of shiloh , it was a literary assignment. this era took place before the battle of gettysberg


Joby awoke to the sudden commands of the general.He was so startled the he almost frogot his drumsticks behind.AS he walked beside the generals' tall,muscular shadow he tried his best to stop shaking, he was releived when the general said 'that to be brave you must first be afraid'.And he was. He was afriad he was going to be one of the lifeless boys floating in the river which they had played in just the day before.To most of the soldiers the generals' commands were harsh and thoughtless,but to him they were protection for the war to come.

The only thing joby could think about was the lifeless bodies in the river, before long the general was ordering the soldiers to get in a perfectly straight line with no one soldier out of place. At that moment joby knew that the war was definite.When the general gave the command joby was surprised that he remembered the correct drum beats.To make sure he kept the right beat he said them over and over again." Tap ,tap tap,tap" The very first gun shot came from jobys' army. He knew it was the generals'. After that it was just clounds of smoke jobyhe seen , He heard only ringing in his ears from the repetitive gun shots.

After the last round of gun shots fired the smoke cleared. Joby hadn't noticed untill one of the few remianing soldiers came up to him and said "Well done soldier". Joby was overwhelmed with how many limp bodies where laying on the soft spring ,which was blood-drinched . Then through all the images going through his ming he remembered....the general! Joby ran through the orchard as fast as he could.Untill finally , he came to the generals' dead weight body.Joby held on to him for hours as long and tight as he could.He sobbed for hours on end, then exhausted he picked up his drum. Lying there on his drum was a single peach blossom.


© 2010 creativekat

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Added on July 30, 2010
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