transparent observer

transparent observer

A Story by creativekat

A therapist conducts an experiment to travel through a serial killers mind to solve a brutal crime

     As i walked into the beige colored house i saw her sitting at the edge of the couch , her face pale and blank. It did not even seem as i  was there with her.She made no ecknowledgements toward me. I felt that i were a transparent observer. I knelt down beside her to study her more carefully , when i heard a crash in the bathroom. I had almost completely forgot about her son being home. I walked cautiously through the hallway towards the bathroom.A faint odor drifted past me as i got closer and closer to the bathroom door. When i knocked the frequent crash sound came to a stop. As i opened the door an immense gust of odor hit me , then i realized what the putrid odor was... blood. I gathered my senses and regained my curiousity and continued towards the shower , where little drops of blood had gathered on the floor. As i drew the  shower curtain back slowly a blinding white light caresed my face and i knew my time was up for this session. As i became fully aware of my surroundings i sat up neatly and walked to the restroom to tidy up before my client awoke. When i returned  to my office Ms.Randall was alert and completely non- drowsy. As i sat down in my big brown chair i almost instantly realized her facial expression. It was the exact  same facial expression she was making while she was under hypnosis. As i began to question her i noticed she began to look extreamly aggitated. Ms.Randall , im going to ask you just one more time... do you really want to end this case and prove your innocence so you will be set free .. or not ?  Instantly all the anger washed away from her wrinkled face and she answered calmly. "Of course i do. I want the world to know that i am innocent , I  want them to know i did not kill my children." Well you are just going to have to do one simple thing for me. And that is just to relax your mind , body, and soul  so i can come into your memory and solve this case.

© 2010 creativekat

Author's Note

This story is not yet finished rate and tell me your opinion about it your reveiw depends weather or not i keep the story going.....

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keep going just wright a summery about wats going on like u told me on the phone.....

Posted 13 Years Ago

This story is about a therapist who is a liscenced phyciatrist,hypnosis,and , therapist she was assigned a case on a pyschopath who brutally murdered both of her teenage children then lost all memory of what she had done... so she is conducting an experiment with hypnosis to go into her memories to solve the murder.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Wow very original. I've never read anything about hypnosis. I want to read more!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on July 31, 2010
Last Updated on August 3, 2010
Tags: murder, crime, curiousity, observer, study, ecknowledgements



not comfortable telling, NC

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