whispers from beyond

whispers from beyond

A Story by creativekat

A young man is haunted by "dreams" nightly of "people" he's never met and remembers places he's never been . "What is the meaning of this".

As i awoke in yet another cold sweat, i can only imagine what i was dreaming of this time. But this time when i woke it was different from all the other nights that i awoke in this same routine. This time i could barely breathe , as i sat gasping for air , clenching the white cotton sheet on my bed. I  tried to remember , i tried so hard i gave myself a headache. The endless ticking of the clocks hands were constant thunds in every inch of my cranium.Yet i tried to think of what made me wake up the way i had , but it just would not come to me.

© 2010 creativekat

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This is a good start to a story, or even on it's own it's filled with mystery and intrigue. I found myself hooked and wanting to know answers. Perhaps consider making it longer though, I'd love to know more and why this person keeps waking up in cold sweats. Well done, keep it up.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on August 3, 2010
Last Updated on August 5, 2010



not comfortable telling, NC

I am 18 years, each day i am alive i learn to love each day i have here even more.I wake up each day looking for something to improve .I want to be something much bigger than myself.The people in.. more..