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nobody is perfect

Ten years ago, copious scratched papers and thick books surrounded a 7-year old kid. Random beautiful drawings and sketches were engraved. That kid had a potential as if she was extraordinary and wise. Numerous information were written in her notebook. Sharping her mind through memorizing the cover-to-cover information in catalogue made her more brilliant like no other. Her mind was keen as the knife's sharpened vertex; her mind was pushed to be clairvoyant. The education state of the kid was neatly clean and almost reach its perfection. She had no mistakes in any exams; also active in recitations and performances.

Jumping to her high school years; as expected, she was still the best of the best and the jack-of-all trades. Her mind was full of screaming bravery and wisdom but her mouth became closed from discoursing ideas. Appeared her to become naive physically, yet a loud propagandist within mentally and emotionally. At the end of the sunset, she often bagged medals and trophies of excellence.

Last high school year arrived, the young lady was out of nowhere. She already disappeared in reality while her classmates blabbering and chattering aloud. "That girl is selfish," classmates laughed teasingly and pointed her. "A teachers' pet", "favoritism", "not deserving" -- connotations of hollow-headed people around her; however, at the latter part of teasing she still filled in the minds of her classmates willingly. 
She had no true friend because she was so smart and wise. The insecurities already conquered their kindness.

One time, a young lady had just one mistake in one exam while others were failed. "I thought you were intelligent?" teacher and some classmates asked. She was silent. "Why you've received medals while we do not have some? You are selfish." the argument went on.

A young lady stood out with confidence. A sleeping dragon awaken. 
" First of all, do not judge someone if you still don't know the untold story. I have the persistently persevering heart than any and each of you in this classroom. My brilliance was sharpened since ten years ago while you were just playing happily outside your houses. I was memorizing information while you were just memorizing names of cartoon characters. My parents forced me to become intelligent while you were just free to do whatever you wanted. A mistake is a mistake. A failure is a failure. Nonetheless, they tend to become our lessons. The frustrating part is when my one mistake is already equivalent to a complete failure. Not because I made a wrong answer but instead, the people surround me were disappointed to me. Some people were so happy because their smartest classmate got a wrong answer. Your expectations is too high as if you didn't look my real condition. I was pressured since then. I want to stop this. Just stop. 
I am not the most intelligent person in this planet so don't put all the hardest pressure on me. Remember, nobody is perfect. We all tend to make mistakes. 
Regarding my credentials, I never chase medals yet they are the ones who chase me. When you really do hard in every single day, medals will chase you. I am the only one who take a hard time in education so they are all mine. I deserve it."

Her teacher and all of her classmates were speechless...

© 2019 C_theSurrealist

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Added on June 23, 2019
Last Updated on June 23, 2019
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