The Renaissance

The Renaissance

A Story by C_theSurrealist

she was once silent, but now she's screaming aloud


“ Defend our country! Stop prejudice killings and invasion!”

The plaque cards were risen as well as our voices of seemingly begging for justice. We neglect our major classes cause protecting the territory is much significant, we think. The sultry weather and the scorching rays of sun didn’t abrupt our desires. Also, the judgmental eyes of the authorities who shall be our comrades are sharply squinted on us, the advocates for change. Nonetheless, we neither notice any noises from the close-minded nor listen to the unpatriotic high-ranking officials. Our heart to sacrifice is what we only hear. The heart to scream what we should scream before.

I am Maria Clara Corazon, one of the advocates for change, is just a 18-year old courageous lady who currently studies in a state university. I am here to tell what is inside my heart. When I was younger, books and pens were my only friends. My classmates solely discourse with me if they have inquiries regarding academics. They just need me as their leader in group activities, that’s it. Lofty expectations from them and my teachers pushed me to do well in exams because if I got one mistake, then they’ll be disappointed. Last year, what’s inside my heart was my “Mi Amor” who let me often fired up with enthusiasm. Whereas he faded away like a mist. I did not know what to do because my heart was crashed, empty.

Later on, I kept myself away from insane intimacy. Silence caged me.

Today, I am loud as the growling thunder -totally opposite for who I was before. Even though there were myriad burdens shattered my heart, it becomes a jeopardize weapon to protect the others.

I escaped my hoaxed identity for I am not designed to perfect the exams and lead in a group activities. The expectations from a crowd concealed my real identity. I escaped my past for I am fated to fix the imperfect happenings and lead the group for reasons.

I was enlightened that my country has more enormous mess than mine. People dissent my doings cause a “flaunting” perspective put a benchmark in their minds. Although we execute positive deeds such as perfecting an exam, someone still discern that you flaunt. However, there are more worst scenarios such as the stagnant projects by the government officials and corruption.

“ Look how pity they are. The propagandists have already stabbed scars because of their aggressiveness. The police men are brandishing them with metal baton. Do not be like them, Maria…”

“ They are heroes.” I uttered last year while I was dazing at my Mi Amor who was once a propagandist.

© 2019 C_theSurrealist

Author's Note

This story came from my imagination. It is not a true story but who knows? :D

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Added on August 18, 2019
Last Updated on August 18, 2019
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