I and the Blindfolded

I and the Blindfolded

A Story by C_theSurrealist

how can you expose your real self if everyone is not accepting the real you?

Flaring thoughts but unspeakable... that is what my mind screams often because the voices of mine is unsuitable for the blindfolded.

What I really want to utter did not match to the reality. Reality is cruel. Yes, it is gruesome. I wish reality is just a fantasy but it cannot be happened. 

I saw with my two eyes the unforgivable chains of unfairness. Even the culprit was caught, still the naive is the erroneous in between. The chains of sins continuously goes along the darkest corner where no one can discern but I saw it. I saw what's hidden. The honest-to-goodness-like protagonist is the villain. Whereas surely no one will believe me if I told this because the evil dressed like an angel, which everyone attracted to it. How deceitful. 

I was put into a cage cause I revealed the truth. Truth is a sin if you behold in reality.

Vanishing the blindfolds may heal the epidemic. Letting them see face-to-face the reel world can peel the concealed abyss. 

I am caged within myself. Yes, I am the one who dressed like an angel cause I cannot be naked. I being naked will not be accepted. The blindfolded neglect who really I am. However, they are also dressed like me. We are disguising to become accepted, yet I myself worn out.

The darkest of mine shall not influence the brightest. The light I scattered will be flawed if I show who I am. Perhaps, the mask shall be worn to remain in the trends of society. 

I am paralyzed of what I am capable of. The barriers hinder me. Barriers of fear, doubt, and expectations rise up the heated pressure. I was about to explode but no way, I do not want to add up my darkness. 

Blindfolded write my story. Like what the heck! they dictated enormously what I should do. Otherwise, I will fall into bottomless bottom. But hey! who is the author of my story? It should me. It is me, right? 

But wait, I am caged within myself so how I can steal my pen from them? I do not know.

© 2020 C_theSurrealist

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Added on January 12, 2020
Last Updated on January 12, 2020
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