10/12/2010 - Its not a sex dream!

10/12/2010 - Its not a sex dream!

A Chapter by ctwood

“It sounds like sex dream,” Nikkie throws out there. This time I smack her arm.

“It was not a sex dream!”

“It did kind of sound like a sex dream.” Julie said nonchalantly as she takes a bit of her mac and cheese.

“It was not a sex dream!” I insisted.

“Yeah, says the virgin,” Nikkie said not trying to hide it under her breath.

“IT WAS NOT-“ I was suddenly aware of how loud I was speaking. Even in the bustling cafeteria, I was very glad I caught myself. Nikkie and Julie were trying so hard not to burst out laughing, Julie almost choked on her food. I continued in a much softer, but stern voice. “It was NOT a sex dream. It was about a waterfall and �" and a river.”

“And a boy with dreamy eyes. Don’t forget him.” Julie smiled.

“His mystical, bright blue eyes.” Nikkie mocked.

“You two promised you would laugh.”

“Well, we never expected you of all people to have a sex dream.” Julie shrugged.

“It was not a sex dream!”

“The louder you deny it, the louder the truth rings.” Nikkie said in a phony philosophical tone.

“Now you can not make fun of my using my own expression.” I argued.

“Taylor,” Julie began. “You did just hear yourself.”

“Yeah.” I paused. “Wait. Why ‘of all people’ would you not expect me to have a sex dream?”

“Do we really need to answer that?” Nikkie answered.

“It’s just, well, you’re a bit of… “ Julie started.

“You’re a little miss goody tissues.” Nikkie interrupted.


“Oh come on, Taylor. You pride yourself on being a ‘good girl.’” Julie reasoned.

“You never do anything. You don’t drink, go to parties, you don’t even ride in a car without a seatbelt.” Nikkie was really trying to work on my last nerve. “But apparently you have sex dreams.”

“It was not a sex dream!”

“But you do have sex dreams?” Nikkie leaned in and Julie laughed.

“Nikkie!” She backed off with a little smirk on her face. I side stepped. “The dream wasn’t about sex. It was about something more. I mean I was attracted to the guy, but it wasn’t a physical attraction, at least not just a physical attraction. It was emotional. It wasn’t about sex, but love. It-“ Then Julie and Nikkie’s laughter stopped me for going any further. “You promised you wouldn’t laugh!”

“We promised to not laugh,” Julie has  to take a breath before she continues, “about the dream,” breath, “but your interpretation-“ More breathing.

“We did not promise to not laugh at.” Nikkie decided to help her out.

I just waited patiently, with my signature pucker face, for them to finish so, I could yell at them without intermittent laughter.




© 2011 ctwood

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Good friends, good times... the next should be interesting too

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