A Poem by Dave C.

For my one true love, my wife, my everything



I stare silently

Return, I need you

Please, come haunt me

No one else will do

Nightly, I press my cheek to your bed sheets

To find your waning presence

But your aroma will surely cease

Yet I shall never wash them, in hopes of a return of your scent

I preserve a lock of your hair

With this remaining piece of code

I wait for technologies to bear

A resurrection, to be bestowed

Constantly, I sculpt you from memory storage

To instill your full-round image

So that when I am senile in old age

My muscle memory could still reproduce your face

Therefore, when my mind lacks recognition aptitude

My hands will always remember your pulchritude

I visit your favorite places and always pull a chair for you

I queue your favorite songs and imagine you're playing them from your room

I watch your favorite shows so we can talk about them when I see you again

I stay on my side in case you come back to bed

I text, “I miss u” to your phone number

And when the new user replies annoyed, I pretend it's you playfully bothered

Keeping me company, my videos of you I conserve

As I eat dinner

Not alone, But your voice to converse

Your smile to admire

Your words to ponder

Your gaze to gaze upon, here

I notice, though just a screen

Your eyes are genuine,

If I slightly squint mine

Your voice true, if a muffle intervenes

I can pretend

This is not the end

I push play

Then I hear you say

Hey babe, I've gotta stay late today. I'll be home soon though”

And slow, I reply, longing toward the glow,

It's okay my love. I'll wait for you”

I wait...

And turn...

I wait...


And wait... ...

And turn again...

© 2015 Dave C.

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Added on December 28, 2013
Last Updated on February 4, 2015
Tags: Wife, Love, Widower, Loss, Death, Sad, Cry, Tears, Miss, Remember, Always


Dave C.
Dave C.

Dallas, TX

I am and artist, musician, and writer. The lyrics to my song are very poetic. Therefore I'm posting them here to see how the stand alone without the music. Thank you in advance for reading them. more..