A Goodbye and Apology to YC

A Goodbye and Apology to YC

A Story by Cynthia

Sorry, YC, I lied


Dear YC,

You’re the one who had saved me when I fell, you are the one who saved me when I was lost, how can I say thank you? It’s more than mere thanks, it’s more, something more than that.


However, I need to say sorry, I lied to you, a lot. I often lie when you ask me am I fine, cause I’ll never be. And I hide secrets from you that even Jess knows, cause those are things you won’t understand anyway. And there’s too much things you won’t understand even though I explain it to you, I tell Jess cause I can relate to her better even though you’re my best friend.


Also, I need to say thank you, although I know you lie to me too, you can’t hide it, I know you well. You and I lie to each other, I once think of hating you, but I can’t, it’s too much, the love I put on you (I’m not gay, actually).


I will always see you as my friend, and even I will be going to another secondary school, remember, I always love ya.




© 2011 Cynthia

Author's Note

YC is my best friend, since P.4, we're only friends for 3 years, but I gotta admit, we're so close it seems we know each other for our whole life! And yeah, i often lied to her, for her own good. Cause my teacher always said I effect her, my teacher say so when i still share my sadness with her, teacher says my sadness influence her, is not that she don't influence me ><
However, I will always love her.

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aww... this is so sweet... writing a letter to a friend and you feel the sincerity of it....

Posted 10 Years Ago

It's really heart-warming story between a friendship. I know who YC is, she is a really great person, you two are lucky to know each other. Friendship is a really magical thing, when you get that, you won't mind anything that another does. Although one of you may lie to each other, still, the love you gave to each, is too much. I love my best friend too( I'm not gay though). I share all my things to her, I know sometimes she lies to me, and I even think of hating her. But I can't. I put too much on her. Take care of your friendship when you get it!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on March 4, 2011
Last Updated on March 4, 2011



Hong Kong

Sorry everyone, but I didn't go on this site regularly, I also turn off my read request, but will be up as soon as I find this site... worth spending time on Hello! My name is Cynthia, I'm from Ho.. more..

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