The Scariest Night of my Life

The Scariest Night of my Life

A Story by Donovan

Before I get to the actual story I should explain that I have a huge fear of being isolated/having someone coming into my house and harming me.

My family left to bring the dogs to the vet and I was left alone with my pet cats and my new pet spider.
I had all the light turned off because I like the dark.
I was listening to a song called "Lavender Town Beta" (A mildly creepy song) on repeat, while reading scary stories as I usually do when I'm alone.
I start freaking out but calm myself down and try to call my family or something to check if someones home.
No answer
I try again.
No answer
No answer.
At this point I had enough of Lavender Town, so I tried to pause the video.
It kept going.
I tried to close the tab.
It wouldn't close.
I closed my laptop.
It kept playing.
I covered it with blankets to try and muffle the sound.
I could still hear it, though it was faded some now.
I looked out my door and saw six glowing eyes staring at me.
It startled me for a second, until I realized it was just my cats.
I walked up the stairs, and slowly stepped out of the stairway.
No one was home.
I checked every room, but I couldn't find anyone.
I walked back down stairs.
I was about to just go back to reading when I heard running, then a short high-pitched scream.
Then, I heard the song again.

I decided to go on a walk until my family got home.

© 2012 Donovan

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This was really scary because my dad tapped me on the shoulder while i was reading! I almost smacked him!

Posted 8 Years Ago


Posted 8 Years Ago

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City Town, IL

I like Finnish music now. and strawberries are amazing still. more..

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