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Two Hearts

Two Hearts

A Story by Jenny-Jen-Jen

A short write based on a reoccuring dream I've been having... well, a reoccuring memory I guess I should say.


Two Hearts

The sun was warm on my skin and a little blinding as I looked up to the sky. I peeked through my squinting eyes and admired the few scattered clouds and the bright yellow and blue light. The sounds of nature surrounded us; birds chirping and a slight breeze humming through the tall trees that somehow didn’t seem to provide any shade to us. We sat at a picnic table, old and worn, in the middle of a small neighborhood park. It was quiet and his hand held onto mine tightly.

I took the moments of silence to really study his appearance. He was tall. Even sitting down, he seemed to keep a good six or seven inches above my highest level. He wore a light-washed pair of blue jeans that fit him nicely, a pair of black, K-Swiss brand, tennis shoes, which I had noticed before we had sat down at the table, and a form fitting red t-shirt with a black scroll print design on the front. The shirt clings to his arm muscles that are so defined that, while even relaxed, are easily recognizable.

His skin is a coffee colored tan. His hair is short, brown, and a little spiked on top, but it looks soft to the touch. His eyes shine in the sunlight and when he catches me staring, he squeezes my hand playfully. His mouth moves as he talks, but I couldn’t tell you what the conversation is about. Nervousness has overcome me, so I just nod when I think it’s appropriate and try to keep smiling.

Eventually the conversation picked up and I found myself laughing. The smile on my face simply grew as we sat in the park enjoying that quiet Saturday. As he held my hand, he let his thumb stroke across mine in a soothing pattern and his eyes never left mine. And I started to feel happy.

After a while of sitting in the neighborhood park, he spoke of another park, a better one, which he’d rather spend our day together at. I didn’t mind leaving considering I knew I’d be spending the day with him either way. So we got up from the old picnic table and headed toward the car, his hand still holding onto mine.

We walked slowly, too slowly, and my nerves began to rise again. I took a step or two ahead, heading up a small hill, between a small patch of tall trees, towards the road where the car was parked. But as I continued to walk, he stopped. His hold on my hand forced me to a stop, which then also caused me to turn. He was looking down for the first seconds of this moment, but quickly looked to me. From my stance on the hill, I was just barely below his height. The shade from these trees now sheltered us from the brightness of the sun.

He smiled and then took another step closer to me, letting go of my hand and placing his on my side. I looked up to him nervously, but smiled happily with anticipation. With his other hand he brushed my long hair back and leaned in. Suddenly, his cool, moist lips were pressed against mine. The kiss was soft, but sweet, and somewhere along the way I believe I forgot to keep breathing because when he finally pulled away he let out a chuckle and said “Breathe, silly.” And I realized I hand my hands clinging to his shirt and was in need of a deep breath or two. And I let out a nervous laugh or two before his lips found my cheek.

He held me there, in blissful happiness, for a moment. And there was nothing but the sounds of nature echoing through the trees in the park that filled the air. Before we continued on our way to the other park, he regained his hold on my hand and gave it a playful squeeze. It was then, in that moment, I knew I was where I needed to be.

© 2012 Jenny-Jen-Jen

Author's Note

I know I haven't posted in a while... it's because I haven't gotten inspiration to write... in a long time. And I've been having the same dream, about the same memory, for what seems like months now... I thought maybe writing it down would help. I wrote it fast and didn't bother to proof read. So please, please critique it for me? Even though this was just a write-for-my-own-benefit type of thing, I'd love to get your feedback as usual. Thank you for your continued reading. It's always appreciated.

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Although this is too mushy for my taste, it's still well-written, like all of your stuff is. As recurring dreams go, I'd imagine that this isn't a bad one to have XD My recurring dreams suck.

Anyway, I have no critique to offer, because it's flawlessly written as I said, and the story is too short and the narrative too idle to really analyze. It's more like a short scene than a short story. Or maybe the preface/beginning of something longer?

In any case, I hope you find your inspiration again.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dreams are doorways into real life. I like the place you took me in the story. A kind and gentle place. I miss the days of people enjoying the complete day. Holding hands and long conversations. These are sweet dreams for the most of us today. Thank you for sharing the excellent dream and story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I kn ow this has been a recurring dream but, will you somehow continue it? It's really good and your grammar is amazing in it. It's rare to find someone with sucvh grammar. I know, I'm not perfect either.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Oh my god, I made so many mistakes XD Sorry, I was quickly typing this in school.

9 Years Ago

Its a reoccurring dream and a memory actually. So, I could try to continue it based on memory and a .. read more

9 Years Ago

No problem hun~

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Added on December 11, 2012
Last Updated on December 11, 2012
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