Do you Believe in Magic?

Do you Believe in Magic?

A Story by Hebe



I slowly opened the door, my heart beating loudly with fear, my hands damp with sweat!
I could hear two men talking in whispers.  I slowly & quietly pushed the door ajar, just enough so that I could slid through.
One man was tied to a chair.  The other man looming over him with a gun to his head!
"I need a CONFESSION" he said in a a threatening low voice.
"I don't know anything" the scared man said in a a trembling voice
"But you were right there standing at the STALL behind the COUNTER!"
The AIR was thick and the STANCE of the man holding the gun was menacing!  The dim light above made the atmosphere GHOSTLY
I could see the mans tied hands, playing with the rope, trying with his INDEX finger to loosen the grip!
sweat dripped down his forehead!  " I don't know, I swear, I didn't see anything!"
"Look" said the man with the gun, "let's strike a BARGIN"  He slowly took out a cigarette and a LIGHTER
"If you tell me where the magic MUSHROOM is I'll let you go unharmed!"
Without hesitation I stepped into the room.  "Drop the gun mister, Now!"
Shocked the man dropped his gun.  "I hate to tell you guys, but I just ate the Magic Mushroom!"
They both starred at me their jaws dropping to the ground!
"Watch this guys" and right infront of their eyes I transformed into a donkey with the head of someone they knew only too well ! with long floppy donkey ears and a long orange mane!!!

© 2020 Hebe

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hahaha I got a giggle out of this. Thank you for the read and for entering the 10 Words I Give contest. Very creative. Good Luck!!

Posted 6 Months Ago

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Added on June 28, 2020
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A Story by Hebe

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