Chapter Five: Secrets Exposed

Chapter Five: Secrets Exposed

A Chapter by Lauren!!

Danielle wants to know what really happened that day.


Chapter Five

         Danielle sat on her couch, her MacBook Pro resting on her lap. Everything was quiet, which Danielle had always hated about her house. Where is a crying baby when you need one? Danielle thought, and flopped herself onto the couch so that her head could lay up against the arm-rest. She turned on her laptop, and listened to it make that loud, opening sound. She went on the internet, which only took a few seconds to load. Tired, and impatient, she clicked on her Buddy’s list at everybody who was online then:


         She decided to IM Jenny. Usually Jenny had something  fun to say, even if she did have a minus IQ. She had been using the same username ever since she was in fifth grade.

SoccerGirl34: Hey Jenny? =)

JenJenha: Dani?

Soccergirl34: Yeah, it’s mwah!!!

JenJenha: Yo. Haha I am soo bored. My lil bro is running around the house like a maniac!

Soccergirl34: How old is he?

JenJenha: idk like, 4. Did you hear about the new girl?

         Danielle sighed. Of course she had heard about the new girl. Who hadn’t? To her, it was just another person who attended Jackson High.

Soccergirl34: Ya I hav. Is she cool?

Jenjenha: Cool? Pa-lease! Have you seen how she devours her gum? Eeeww!

Soccergirl34: That bad, huh?

Jenjenha: Ya. I have history with her, and I sit frikken next to her. She kept staring at Skylar Simmons.

Soccergirl34: That’s weird.

         What else was Danielle supposed to say? It was awkward to talk about Skylar, especially with Jenny.

Jenjanha: Very weird. She is also really nosy.

Soccergirl34: How so?

Jenjenha: she was also peeking over at Willow and Zack. Idk they were passing notes or something.

Soccergirl34: Well, lets hope she makes some friends. Lol

Jenjenha: Oh, she did! She has been hanging out with Valerie Reynolds A LOT lately!

         Danielle almost screamed. It was just too weird for her. She slammed her laptop shut forcedly, not caring that she left a little dent next to the track-pad. She felt the need to learn all of those secrets that she had put in the back of her head. Now that everything seemed to be coming back at her, her nosy little brain needed to do some research on what really happened that afternoon.


      “Skylar!” Ryan yelled, holding a pink rubber band. “Are you going to come to dinner today?

         Ryan was Skylar’s little brother. He was only five, but had the mind of a three year old. He always teased Skylar about the dumbest things, like not showing up for dinner.

         The two siblings were both sitting on the couch in the living room. Skylar was watching TV, while Ryan entertained himself with a rubber band he found on the ground in the garage.

         Skylar stomped her foot against the carpet. “You know, Ryan, missing one dinner isn’t going to ruin either of our lives.” She thought she had made her point very clear.

         Ryan chuckled. “Okay,” he said, shielding himself with his hands, almost in a teasing way. “You still haven’t answered my question, though.” He smiled.

         Annoyed, Skylar swatted Ryan’s rubber band from him and launched it across the room. “If something comes up, I probably won’t make it for dinner, Ryan.” She said, as if it were obvious. “If I have time, yes I will.”

         Skylar rolled over on the couch. She couldn’t get her mind off of two things. 1) The fact that Evelyn had practically threatened to murder her. 2) Valerie had called her. Why had Valerie called her? She wasn’t sure if she should ask Valerie about it, or just let it go.

         At that moment, her phone started vibrating. Valerie groaned as she got up to reach it. She pressed the enter key, and read the text message she had received.

Hey. Its Evelyn.

Skylar gulped. How had Evelyn gotten her number? Everything about that girl seemed to be a warning that Skylar should move out of town…maybe move to Hollywood?

Skylar didn’t know if she should reply or merely turn her phone off. She decided to be nice, and reply. Hopefully, that wouldn’t encourage Evelyn to kill Skylar in the middle of the night.

Hey, watcha up to? –Skylar

Almost immediately her phone began vibrating again. Not half as scared this time, Skylar reached out again for her phone which she had set on the floor next to the couch.

             I’m writing. –Evelyn

         Skylar gulped again. Why was she writing? Everything about the situation became more and more confusing as time went by.

Omg I <3 writing. What are you writing about?                         -Skylar

         Again, almost immediately once Skylar set her phone on the carpet it began vibrating again.

The ocean. I am a poet. –Evelyn

         Poetry. It didn’t remind Skylar of Evelyn at all, but it made a little bit of sense. Texting someone like Evelyn became boring in minutes. Getting hungry, she stood up to go and eat dinner with her family.














© 2009 Lauren!!

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