Dreams To Nightmares, Part Four.

Dreams To Nightmares, Part Four.

A Chapter by Dance Or Die

Lea put her ear to the door and tried to make out what the strangers were saying. She couldn't get the fact that the inside of the door seemed to be covered with a sticky substance. Of course, the only thing she could think that it would be is blood. She shivered. This was the one time she was glad there was no light. All of a sudden, the strangers began to speak loud enough that Lea could hear. "Where do you think those little girls went Marisol?" said a gritty male voice. "They must be on this level. We have Clinton guarding the downstairs and no one is able to get into the attic." This voice must have been Marisol. "What will we do with them when we catch them?" "What we always do with people. No one who enters ever leaves. Those girls will be no exception. Now, go search the rest of the rooms." "Yes, my queen." The man could be heard exiting the room. "What they do to everyone? What is this place?" Lea thought. Then, Marisol's voice could be heard again. "Those two will never see sunlight again. Just like me. I have been cursed for too long, trapped in the human world, forced to survive on murdering everyone who enters my home." Lea didn't want to believe it, but it sounded like this Marisol character was not human. "Stella, we need to get out of here. I think these people - or possibly spirits - lure people to this place to kill them! I'm not sure why, but maybe they are murders to avenge their own deaths, or maybe they thirst for blood and we will become a snack. I do not want to terrify you, but you need to understand these possibilities. Do you understand Stella?" No answer was given. "Stella? Stella! Where did you go? There is no exit here!." Lea's heart pounded. This was worse than dying. Earlier when they had been separated, Lea believed that Stella was dead and had almost given up. Lea felt the back of the closet. No trap door. Still, Lea didn't believe there was a physical reason for her sister's disappearance. Lea could feel a strong supernatural presence around her. All of a sudden, Lea felt woozy. She did everything she could to stay awake. Her throat felt like it was swelling shut. "What's wrong with me?" she cried. Lea fainted once, slamming her head against the door as she went down. She regained consciousness shortly after and gasped for breath. Was this her end? She didn't have one idea what the force that was killing her was. She was unable to get enough oxygen and began to feel lightheaded. "I'm so sorry Stella." she whispered. "So sorry..." She blacked out.

© 2011 Dance Or Die

Author's Note

Dance Or Die
I still don't think this should be classified as horror...if anyone has a better genre suggestions, tell me please! Tell me what you think and be honest! :)

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Nice!!!! ^^ And the genre...ummm I don't know. It seems like horror, but then it's also survival. So it's pretty much survival horror, but that is just my thought.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on October 10, 2010
Last Updated on July 27, 2011
Tags: sisters, scared, death, house, nightmare, dream, ghost


Dance Or Die
Dance Or Die

I am a Christian. I'm a major music addict :) I do like to write, but I haven't done a lot of writing in a few years, so my material isn't that great at the moment, but I'm working on improving :) more..


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