Dreams To Nightmares, Part Five.

Dreams To Nightmares, Part Five.

A Chapter by Dance Or Die


"Mom, Dad, why can't I go and check out the house for you?" "Lea, we are not going to be looking at this particular house." "But why not? It looks perfect! You keep saying we are going to move, but you haven't been looking for anything! I'm sick of living here! I want my own room, far away from Stella. She's a nuisance." "Lea, your sister is still young. You were exactly the way she is when you were her age. And we have our reasons for not wanting you to go to that place." "Why? Cause you don't trust me? Cause you don't think I can handle myself properly in adult situations?" "Lea, we were finished with this discussion. Now, go get your sister. We are leaving for the conference, and you are in charge. If we find out you've gone over to that house while we're gone, you will be confined to this house for the rest of your high school life." "It doesn't matter what they think, I'm going over there to prove them wrong. Stella! Let's go!" Stella woke with a start. The conversation her older sister had had with their parents earlier haunted her in her dreams. "Lea, I had a dream 'bout what mommy and daddy said." Stella sat up when Lea didn't answer. Stella felt around in the blackness. Nothing was near her. The wall she had fallen asleep on in the closet wasn't there either. "What's going on!" she screamed, tears streaming down her face. "I want to go home! I miss my mommy and daddy! Help me! Please! Anybody!" Stella fell on the ground and sobbed. "Lea! Please find me again!" She heard a door open and saw, through her tears, light pour into the room around her. A young woman with long black hair stood in the light. Stella stared up at the visitor. "Can you help me! Will you let me out of here? My sister disappeared and I don't know where I am." Stella watched the woman come nearer to her. "You are quite trusting young one. This is not a place where you should be that way. But, come with me. I will see what I can do for you." Stella took the young woman's hand and for the first time that whole night she felt safe. "Thanks so much!" Stella said, looking up with a huge grin to the woman. "You're very welcome" The woman looked at the bright face the the youngster. The woman looked ahead and smirked. She had what she wanted.

© 2011 Dance Or Die

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Added on October 16, 2010
Last Updated on July 27, 2011
Tags: girls, sisters, death, ghost, house, scared


Dance Or Die
Dance Or Die

I am a Christian. I'm a major music addict :) I do like to write, but I haven't done a lot of writing in a few years, so my material isn't that great at the moment, but I'm working on improving :) more..