Dreams To Nightmares, Part Seven.

Dreams To Nightmares, Part Seven.

A Chapter by Dance Or Die

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It was comfortable. Silent, dark, and comfortable. Lea was just semi-conscious, but she was beginning to believe all of it had been a nightmare. Then, a single sound rang through her ears. She came back to full-consciousness and trying to sort out what was going on. Her head was throbbing was her heart pounding. "Was that a gunshot?" she whispered to herself. "It's not real, Lea. Get up and go flip the switch on your wall. You'll see your room and realize that you were only asleep." Lea knew trying to rationalize the situation would not help anything. She knew everything that was happening was real, but in her mind, she was not ready to believe it yet. As she tried to stand up, she noticed how weak she was. Her mind went into a flashback of what had happened to her in the closet. By this time, she had also noticed the handcuffs around her wrist and the fact she was not going anywhere. "I must have been really oxygen deprived to feel this bad" Lea moved her legs around, trying to feel if anything was around her. She felt what she thought was fabric next to her. Lea, with her feet, moved the fabric and felt something almost like flesh. She desperately prayed her eyes would adjust to the light. The moon began to peer through the small attic window and illuminate the area Lea was trapped. Slowly, the light began to reveal the thing next to her. Lea screamed. Next to her was a human body, but not just someone she didn't know; it was her sister. "Please don't be dead!" she said through her tears. Lea kept shaking her sister to no avail. "God, please please please let Stella be alive!"

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Added on November 20, 2010
Last Updated on July 27, 2011
Tags: death, girl, sister, house, nightmare, sleep, attic, moon, gunshot, dream


Dance Or Die
Dance Or Die

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