Dreams To Nightmares, Part One

Dreams To Nightmares, Part One

A Chapter by Dance Or Die

It was pitch black. Footsteps were heard going up and down the hallway,
each step getting closer and closer. The door slowly creaked open. A
hand reached inside the door. The little girl's heart beat faster and
faster, knowing she would soon be caught. They should have stuck
together. They could at least have perished alongside one another. She
watched the door open farther and farther; the hand using the wall as a
guide to get around the room. She saw the unknown fully come inside the
door. This was the end. She could feel it. They would never see each
other again. The unknown closed the door swiftly behind it. It walked
nearer and nearer to the child, becoming more and more threatening with
every step. The child didn't seem to have a chance. She was going to
have to accept her fate. She felt beside her for anything she could use
for protection. Nothing. She couldn't even defend herself from the
intruder. Her breathing became labored as she couldn't keep calm any
longer. The unknown turned straight to her. The sound of her heavy
breath alerted it to her presence. In the spur of the moment the child
stood up and threatened the intruder, telling it to go away. "Stella?
Stella is that you? Please tell me it's you." the voice whispered. "Lea?
Lea! You're alive! They haven't gotten you! I thought I was going to
die alone. Please tell me we'll survive." Lea looked down and her little
sister, contemplating what to say. Stella was much too young to die.
She should have never been in this situation in the first place. If only
her parents had not nominated Lea to chauffeur Stella around today,
Stella would be safe at home, tucked in her bed fast asleep. Lea had no
desire to face this alone, but she wouldn't be able to live with herself
if Stella was gone. "This was such a bad idea." she mentioned to
Stella. "I'm so sorry for getting you into this. I should stop putting
my nose where it doesn't belong. If I hadn't taken matters into my own
hands, you would be safe right now. Instead of running for your life in
this god-forsaken place. I cannot truthfully tell you if we will make
it. It is looking less likely every time the hands on the clock move.
Our goal as of now is to stay together. If tonight is our last night on
earth, we have a duty to spend it together.

© 2011 Dance Or Die

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Added on July 27, 2011
Last Updated on July 27, 2011


Dance Or Die
Dance Or Die

I am a Christian. I'm a major music addict :) I do like to write, but I haven't done a lot of writing in a few years, so my material isn't that great at the moment, but I'm working on improving :) more..