Moment of Revolution

Moment of Revolution

A Poem by Danny J.H.

rebellion for those without cause, words to remember


Cry out my brothers! Let not your words unheard be

Burn down the cross that so ends the untraveled

Through the brush of ignorance, swing freely your blade

Oh the very same that spills free blood on the field of dishonor

As the world produces idols from the ashes of burned ideals

We idly sit, in our plain, red, brick houses, so sullen

All in a row on streets of silent desolation

Yearning for that which we cannot have, a future

Forever barred by the whole, and none for himself

Yet dare to be unlike the rest shall I, a deifier

For if you listen, o dearest comrades!

We in the heat are, the moment of revolution

It is upon our backs that the ride, and yes

From our very life they leech, reap they

So hear you brothers! Live for thineself, and for thineself live

March fiercely through the oil drenched snow onwards!

Let your bullets fly, mercy we shan’t give, death to be brought

Call out dearest! So that the sky tears from its heavenly roots

And descends upon us gallantly, recaptures it the soul of the individual

In his own image, man was divinely created, o pained was he

Bares he the burden of today, and tomorrow on the fur of his brow

Fights he, for his burning flag, in the moment of revolution

He dares not back down, for if he does he knows too well

He in the tomb of life, with shattered heart shall reside

Unbroken mind, drowned o too soon in misery, tarry not

The great plains of war call to thee brother! Heed the tune

Rhythmus pounding, of an old heart unsung, but only, but only

Only thee, only thee, thrice times only thee! Live long dearest

Set it you may free, but only thee, only thee

This be the end what it seems o comrade

The moment of revolution closes its curtains red

For we have won! And take note dearest brothers!

Be surest not to wake, for wake the darkness you shall!

O! Comrades!

© 2010 Danny J.H.

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I love the feeling of revolution you keep strong throughout the poem! well done!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow, this poem really expresses rebellion and struggle!

In my opinion, revolution is not a senseless war but a struggle for freedom. Revolution brought down tyrants, dictators and abusive monarchies around the world. Revolution is also about uniting the people to fight for a righteous cause. Revolution is not only about bloodshed or violence or war. Revolution can be done through peaceful means. As long the people are united as one body for the cause of freedom and liberty, we can call it a revolution.

Excellent poem!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Danny J.H.
Danny J.H.

Dunwoody, GA

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