Wintery fire [One-shot, JaeMin, PG13]

Wintery fire [One-shot, JaeMin, PG13]

A Story by Aldora Sparrow

A JaeMin fanfiction (Hero Jaejoong and Max Changmin from DBSK/TVXQ). My first, so please rate nicely :D Enjoy!


“Jeez,” Changmin mutters after the apartment door slams behind him. He runs a long-fingered hand through his dark red-brown hair, chocolate eyes annoyed. “Making us go out in this weather to get some food…”

            Jaejoong stands at the bottom of the stairs, eyes fixed on the snow. Damn those scheming guys, he thinks, only half-meaning it. They knew that Changmin and I haven’t been talking lately. But a part of him is glad for this opportunity to be together with his friend. So much had happened between them…

            “Hyung?” Changmin’s voice cuts through his thoughts.

            Jaejoong glances up and their eyes meet for a moment. Then Changmin adverts his dark eyes and nods in the direction of the streets. “We should go…”

            Heart sinking a little, Jaejoong just nods. The trek there is awkward and the winter wind proceeds to fill in the silence with screams of cold and snow. Jaejoong keeps glancing at his taller friend, only to look away in disappointment, seeing the same passive face.

            When they finally reach the store, they automatically go to the same aisle, neither hearing the girl at cash register’s greeting. At the same time, they reach for the same box of Pocky. He glimpses Changmin watching him and, when he saw Jaejoong looking at him, hands it to him without a word.

            The aura around them is so forced that even the admiring cashier lady doesn’t say anything until she gives Changmin the total and offers a tentative smile with a hint of promise with his receipt, much to Jaejoong’s annoyance. Even worse, Changmin grins back at her. Jaejoong shifts his pained eyes away while his heart twists in many knots. How long had it been since he smiled at him like that?

            As the glass door slides behind them, Jaejoong shivers, not to the cold wind that buffets them, but a sort of chilling sensation deep inside him. His bare hands numb immediately and sting a little. He starts back down the street without feeling the crunch of snow beneath his boots" his feet just move. His blonde-brown hair falls into his downcast eyes. He feels empty and void and doesn’t hear Changmin calling him.

            “Hey, hyung,” Changmin says a little breathlessly, catching up to him. His hand rests on his hyung’s shoulder. “You alright?”

            Jaejoong roughly wipes unnoticed tears from his eyes with his sleeve. “I’m fine.”

“Hey…” Jaejoong can’t help but notice that Changmin’s voice drops a few notes as he tries to comfort him. “Wait, hyung!” he bursts out suddenly. Jaejoong, surprised, stares at him.

“Your hands are cold,” he continues, peelin4g off his gloves.

And, before he can respond, Changmin’s hands envelopes his. Jaejoong blushes and watches as his friend tries to warm his cold fingers. The chilling air whistled between them, filling in the silence. Jaejoong feels a dark pounding in his chest. Then his heart leaps into his throat as Changmin brings his hands close to his lips and blows on them. The cloud swirls briefly around their entwined hands before rising towards the heavens. And, Jaejoong is sure that he muttered with the second breath, “I’m sorry…”

“Hyung should’ve brought gloves,” Changmin chides quietly, but Jaejoong doesn’t really hear it. His eyes still lingers on Changmin’s lips that were close to his hand moments ago.

Changmin tilts his dark brown head and gazes into Jaejoong’s eyes and, this time, he says clearly, “I’m sorry, Jaejoong.”

All bad feelings between them vanish like a wisp of smoke. No other words are needed. Jaejoong’s heart lightens and a smile paints his shapely lips. He nods, face warmer than it should in the cold night. “I am also to blame…”

A slight grin touches Changmin’s lips. “Friends?”


            Changmin holds Jaejoong’s hand a little tighter, eyes closed. After a few gentle moments, Jaejoong mutters quietly, “We should get back. The others are waiting.”

Changmin’s eyes glance into his and he nods solemnly. “Yes, they’ll wonder…” Then, still holding Jaejoong’s hand, he slips them into his jacket pocket. Surprised, Jaejoong’s deep brown eyes catch his glinting ones. “Hyung needs to take better care of himself,” was his only response with a smile on his sweet features.

            Jaejoong just nods and stands closer to him. Then the two make their way back to their apartment where Yoochun and Junsu greet them cheerfully from their couch while Yunho looks upon the pair with slight envy. The entire time, Jaejoong’s left hand and heart burned with a wintry fire.


© 2010 Aldora Sparrow

Author's Note

Aldora Sparrow
Hyung is a Korean honorific that is used only by male to address a male older than himself. Any suggestions?

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This is really good and warm. (Hehe..) It reminds me of this video I saw on Youtube about ZE:A members. I believe they sent one of the members out to get food in cold weather and not very warm clothes, by playing a game (they schemed so he would be the one to go). He wants to get his revenge, so he buys icecream and chocolates (for himself). He gives the icecream to the other members (his chocolate get stolen unknown to him). He likes the icecream first and then makes his fellow members eat it. He asks them if they like it and they say yes. He gets teased again so he looks online for "how to get revenge"(?). The one who stole his chocolate eats it in the same room and he doesn't notice it. Then he returns the chocolates to him; empty. This is such a good story though. Thanks.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow, you don't see this pairing to often. Though from reading this, I can see why you chose these two. Aren't they such fun characters to write about?! lol
POCKY!!!! ahhh! I LOVE can't ya tell!
awww... I love the scene where ChangMin helps JaeJoong stay sweet! You'd think he was the hyung! haha
ooooOOoo burning with "wintery fire" good discription! hehe
poor Yunho, he's totally jealous..
sorry about the radomness of my comment. I enjoyed this short One-Shot. Awesome work. Ya can't go wrong when writing about DBSK!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Aldora Sparrow
Aldora Sparrow

I have been writing for longer than I can remember, but it was only during 7th grade did I start to write outside of class. I am still inexperienced and I love helpful comments. I love to write fa.. more..


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