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Rainbows in the snowy sky

Rainbows in the snowy sky

A Story by Aldora Sparrow

Flash fiction. 496 words. Someone told me that seeing a rainbow on a snowy day was impossible. This boy shows that, with some creativity, it's not


Rainbows in the snowy sky


That day, the winter sky is cold and clear. But you will remember it as cool and sunny.

He knocks against your window that morning like he does often. As you gaze up, he waves a hello, playful blue eyes alight. Once you open the window a crack, he asks, “Wanna go out?”

“No. It’s too cold.”

He smiles. “What will it take?”

You think for a moment then gesture towards the snowy heavens. “Show me a rainbow,” you say.

His expression falls. “But that’s impossible…”

Smiling triumphantly, you shut the window. His confused face is the last thing you see before closing the curtains.

But, later, you hear another knock upon the glass, this time it’s impatient. Again you unlock the window and he says, “Let’s go out!”

Annoyed, you start, “I told you"” But he cuts you off.

“I know,” he says. “I’m going to! C’mon. See you in five.” With that he disappears.

After you are changed, you find him waiting at your usual spot beside the pine tree. He takes your hand before you can even open your mouth. Together you run down the road towards the park. You try to talk to him, but, if he hears, he doesn’t answer.

Finally, when you arrive at the powdery field, you pull away. “What are you up to?” you demand.

“You wanted to see a rainbow, right?”

You nod.

“Take a look.” From his pocket, he unscrews a clear bottle. He holds a small plastic piece near his lips and takes a deep breath. Suddenly the cool air is filled with bubbles. Speechless, you gaze up to see the sunlight reflecting off them as they rise. Like string-less balloons with worlds of swirling color on their surfaces. As each one pops unexpectedly, it rains a shower of crystals towards the earth.

He hands you another bottle and soon you both are making patterns in the ground with your feet. The crystal-snow’s light mirrors the floating spheres’, their colors like rebounding echoes to the bubble’s song. The air is filled with those perfect orbs, shimmering with your combined laughter. You can’t see it, but you both wear identical smiles.

“You’re a genius,” you tell him afterward. “A magician.”

He starts to laugh so hard that he begins to cough. And doesn’t stop. You call his name, worried.

“It’s okay,” he manages, with his arm over his mouth. “It’s just the… never mind.”

Later, as you sit beside him in the snow, he says, towards the heavens, “Seeing a miracle really makes you feel like all your wishes could come true.” He turns towards you, smiling. “Don’t you think?” You don’t answer. You just simply brush some snowflakes out of his hair.

Years from now, whenever it snows, you’ll look for a rainbow in the sky, praying for a silly miracle. But, for that moment, you both see a dream of the same swirl of colors. Watching thousands of rainbows paint the snowy sky.


© 2011 Aldora Sparrow

Author's Note

Aldora Sparrow
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Thsi is so very cute. The boyfriend is so clever, using bubbles int he middle of winter.

Posted 8 Years Ago

That was beautiful: the imagery was really warming, despite the cold setting.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on September 19, 2011
Last Updated on September 21, 2011


Aldora Sparrow
Aldora Sparrow

I have been writing for longer than I can remember, but it was only during 7th grade did I start to write outside of class. I am still inexperienced and I love helpful comments. I love to write fa.. more..