A Story by Aldora Sparrow

Dedicated to my new boyfriend. No one else has ever made me feel this way. And for all the lovers there, hope I can bring some words to something you can't describe




It isn’t the kiss that is magical�"after all your lips had only touched. But it is the joining of your lips, hands, body, then everything that make it so mind-blowingly…perfect.  There is nothing else to describe that thrilling awareness of just one person that is so completely, totally all-consuming.

It is for that one instant, you know nothing but him. You forget it is chilly. You forget you are at school. You even forget there are people just around the corner, unaware of the magic past the brick wall.

But you don’t care. All you know are those lips that you thought you knew�"how many hours had you watched them form words and that smile? All you know is his scent�"that faint, but tantalizing scent that you want to breathe as air. All you know is your body against his�"how easily, effortlessly, naturally you fit together.

For that heartbeat (or was it a thousand?), it is only you two. You in his arms and him in yours. For that moment, you aren’t sure where you end and he starts.

Then you break apart reluctantly. Gazing into those eyes like coffee, they close again for a lighter kiss. Like a brush of the wind.

You notice that lingering taste of caramel. Your lips turn into a brief smile as you remember earlier when you had laughed together at your inexperience. Anyone else would’ve made you feel incompetent, silly, naïve. But it is him. This one person who began as a stranger then snuck into a space in your chest that you never knew was empty and became something. Maybe even everything.

You know that this is something that cannot be completely described�"it’s just meant to be that way. Because the special taste of a kiss is only meant for two and can’t be shared.

That is what makes it so magical.

© 2011 Aldora Sparrow

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Aldora Sparrow
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Added on November 18, 2011
Last Updated on November 18, 2011


Aldora Sparrow
Aldora Sparrow

I have been writing for longer than I can remember, but it was only during 7th grade did I start to write outside of class. I am still inexperienced and I love helpful comments. I love to write fa.. more..