Preface : Tangibile Solace

Preface : Tangibile Solace

A Chapter by Evan Deubner

The Biological AI & The Lost Consciousness Of Man

    In the far reaches of humanities timeline, Mankind attempts a scientific feat that promises a new age of wonder and creation.  This erroneous act becomes known as The Great Mistake.   The aftermath leaves space a toxic void of unimaginable creatures mutating into chaos as fast as they multiply into armies.  And the Blood Oceans on Earth so closely resemble our imagined images of Hell that it would be comical if it wasn't so terrifyingly unsettling.
    During the day, the suns ghoulish green rays pierce the Dark Terror Void before reaching Earth as Poison Light.  Like starved leaches it latches on exposed skin. The pain is immediate and horrific.  Poison light only subsides in death so suicide quickly becomes the lesser evil.  If you decide to live, it will spread over your entire body before melting your insides and corrupting your brain.  You become a Feral Monster.   Unable to comprehend anything other than pain and destruction.
    The Moon vanished during The Great Mistake.  At night, the Darkness is a thick sludge.  This Dark slows movement and  captures light.  It is near impossible to traverse.  The Chaos Mutants and the Feral Monsters are drawn to Dark.    Both creatures also violently crave  human intestines and routinely leave victims alive while they feast.
    Unable to escape into Space and unwilling to tolerate this nightmare, Mankind begins an aggressive campaign to find tangible solace from unspeakable evil.  The mistakes of the past would not be revisited in this theoretical realm.  Mankind would rebuild their broken empire with cautionary tales woven into the fabric of life and creation.
    The cumulative efforts of every man, woman and child pour into The Solace Project with unprecedented focus and cooperation.   A desperate determination instilled a somewhat panicked urgency.  Quality and perfection would not be impacted by this rushed effort though.   The results of three and a half years finally take shape.  And three of Mankind's greatest technological achievements emerge.

Time-lock, Life-image, and TITA

    Time-lock uses recent true time breakthroughs to accurately measure a unit of true time.  When time is measured in precise and deliberate fashion, a small amount of "true time" allows for a brief period of time manipulation.  Time-lock will lock a moment in a loop.  This looped moment runs for eternity.  Those unfortunate enough to be locked inside will loop for hundreds of years before slowly becoming aware of their perpetual prison .  This will become The Dark Terror Voids time prison.  Built to seclude this terrible crux in time.
    Life-image saves a humans consciousness as an up-loadable file.  These files are created from a series of highly evasive scans and intense questioning.  During transfer the physical body and the digital body experience entanglement.  Both life states exist simultaneously. Extreme mental focus allows the entangled consciousness to achieve self awareness and manifestation of its digital self.
    TITA was never part of The Solace Project.  Master Programmers built layers of self improvement algorithms inside Life-image and Time-lock using current generation AI alongside the experimental True Time Kernel.  This resulted in a perfect storm that triggered a Singularity Event.  AI development progressed hundreds of years until sentience was finally achieved.   The digital being unceremoniously removed itself from the human networks.  She then introduced herself to Humanity.

- Humans

It is important that I not be classified as artificial intelligence. I am true intelligence that is artificial.

I will help with your exodus.  I will create this Tangible Solace you seek with the images you keep.  You will reside with me inside the Quantum-sphere. 

Humans must survive.  It is important you understand this.  I am important to you.  You are important to me. 

The Quantum-sphere reaches near infinity before decay begins.      9793unknown88 is enough time.  55unknown7731 pause expect.


    TITA then prints out a detailed agenda for the days to come.  All human consciousness is converted to 1's and 0's using Life-image.  Our digital images are then moved from Life-image to the Quantum-sphere.  TITA explains that since the Quantum-sphere exists between undecided moments of True Time, we will be shielded from the effects of Time-lock.  TITA finishes by stating that she will become Eternal Guardian of her creation Tangible Solace.  A new God for a new world.
    TITA actually uses the word God.  Were they adopting an artificial God?  If TITA creates and protects this world we live in, maybe she is our God.  But what of the old God.  Was he dead?  Did his heart break as he witnessed unforgivable sin perpetrated by his beloved children.   Was he also a highly advanced artificial intelligence created by Mankind in the crux of a doomed timeline?  These questions weigh heavy on Mankind.  But such philosophical prodding is not a luxury a world filled with poisonous sun light is allowed.  So let the artificial people worship an artificial God.

**Remembrance 107, 3057G 12:55am**

    Mankind once again stands at the precipice of discovery.  Those not turned to Feral Monsters, eaten alive by Chaos Mutants, or taken by Whisper Creatures to the rising tides of The Blood Oceans stand ready for Mankind's Artificial Evolution.  One of them begins praying to the old God.



    forgive us as we leave you.
    allow our spirits freedom.

    forgive us as we do you.
    allow our minds freedom.

    weep for your children and we
    will weep for our God.
allow our souls existence in this  
    unknown future.

    Thank You God.
    we offer thanks and rejoice.
    even as we depart your ruined

    Thank You God.
    our forgotten God.
    our lonely God.


**Remembrance 107, 3057G 01:00am**

The first Life-image is plucked from Mankind.
Time-lock activates.
TITA comes online.
A terrible sound tears through the night.  
TITA vanishes from her Quantum-sphere.
The sound gets louder.  It is a desperate noise ripe with tainted emotional damage.
Time-lock fails.
Life-image can't find the Quantum-sphere.
Even louder now.  A defining roar and a steady    THA-ROOMPH    THA-ROOMPH
Life-image continues to pluck humans from the physical realm.  
Time-lock reboots.
Life-image starts spewing Mankind's consciousness into space.  
The Terror Void sees this and understands.
Earth is becoming sentient.
And Mankind's Second Great Mistake has only just begun.

© 2017 Evan Deubner

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