Words Unsaid

Words Unsaid

A Story by chandlerl

You never know how your words are going to affect someone

Words Unsaid
By; Anika Guy

is supposed to be easy.
Day after day
words come without thinking.
But then there is a moment
when you want to say something that has meaning
or value
or just a purpose
other then mindless babble
filling the empty air.
But when that moment
to say something important
comes to you
the words

And when you think about
what you really want to say
when you really try
to think of the right words
when you want to tell someone
that you care
the words simply

And then
when you finally think
of the words you want to say
the words you struggled to find
the words that refused to come
the words you've finally
found a moment to say
the moment is gone
and it will never come back.

But the words are there
stuck in your head
swirling around
and around
for another moment
like the one
that caused those words
to surface.

I had a sliver of a moment, but I didn't act quick enough. The words were there on the tip of my tongue, but instead I let her walk away unaided by the one person a condolense would have meant something from, her brother. Yes, yes, there were all those other condolenses, but I know the one she wanted was from me. SO there I stood, mouth gaping with two options, chase her down and tell her how sorry I was, or take the coward's way out, the way out which yearsw of stuffing my feelings down and my father saying, 'real men don't cry,' taught me to do, which was to get into my car and drive home. I am a coward, I thought, as I got into the car.

 It was the next day I got the call. It was the next day I said f**k my dad and stuffing my feelings and fell to my knees letting the tears come and sobs rack my body.

© 2013 chandlerl

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Gah, if I had a dollar for everytime this happened, I would be filthy rich. I loved this, the poem combined with the short story. Strong emotion, you have a way with words.

Posted 8 Years Ago

this is great
very thoughtful
and relate-able

so many things you want to say
but when the time comes...the words aren't there

great write!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on January 14, 2013
Last Updated on January 14, 2013



antioch, CA

Ive been a writer for a long time...disspite my age...I write mostly dark...twisty stuff...with an occasional light at the end... more..

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