A Poem by the darkest shadow

just a collection of excerpts of things ive written. some from completed things others are just ideas im writing around



Few will take notice
Less even care
To watch out tears fall
Just seems so unfair

Take me as you please
Love me as I am
Don’t judge me for what you think
Just trust me to be what you can

Stuck on the roadside are the dreaded signs. Reminders of the past, provokers of the future.


so blind to the scars
so deaf to the cries
everyone so ignorant
they believe all the lies


I can’t share with anyone
They’ll send me off away
Restrain and shut me off
And down to sleep Ill lay

My hands start
 to shake as I begin to reach
My thoughts turn hypocritical, practice what you preach.
The road I walk
So is a lonely one
Maybe nothing will get better
Maybe nothing will change
But I trust in my heart
That you will not cause me pain
You say to be happy
Yet I don’t remember how.
It’s like we’re all on stage
And now it’s time to take a bow
The light of your love shines through the darkness in my eyes
It’s known that hope is to be falsely believed.
I don’t know what I’d do, just pray I’m not being deceived.
I repulse you.
Those are your very words.
You cringe at the sight of it, you can try to hide, but I still see.
I need to hear you say
That you’ll always love me more
Because it’s only for you
That I’ve forever shut that door

I lay here, curled up so tight
Feeling so helpless
There's nothing to do but sit
and wait to be taken by the darkness

© 2009 the darkest shadow

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I do things like this a lot, just have random ideas and jot them down on a piece of paper.
I always try and then think of a poem or something that would fit in with my little stanza.
They sound good, and good (writing) luck to you!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on June 6, 2009
Last Updated on August 25, 2009


the darkest shadow
the darkest shadow

to explain it best, i write when im upset. im struggling with bipolar disorder and other problems relating to that.. my writings portray the dark and twisted thoughts i have every day. writing is just.. more..