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A Story by TurtleClark

The soft melody rang through the hall as the two children slowly made their way down it. The haunting music went on filling every unlit corner in the space. The children walked hand and hand singing the simple song as the went.

Lizzie Borden took an axe,

and gave her mother forty whacks.

When she saw what she had done,

she gave her father forty-one.”

They repeated the words as they approached a door the little girls tiny hand wrapped around the door knob as she turned her head to look at her brother. A sick grin came to her small mouth as a flickering of light illuminated their black eyes.She twisted the knob opening the door with a spine chilling creek. they entered feet moving together in sync. They approached the large bed that was sat in the center releasing each others hand and going to opposite sides of the bed.

Thier razor sharp teeth gleamed as their lips drew open. The girl leaped on top of her mother who laid on the bed sleeping peacefully. Her pointed tongue licked a strip of green spit up the woman's face as she screeched terror present in her eyes. Soon the little boy was on the bed beside her doing the same to their father. They’re movements were in synch as they slowly ripped out the throats of their parents, thunder and lightning slamming loudly outside. Blood splattered against the walls soaking the once beige wall paper. Slowly a third person entered the room, she shook fear the only thing evident on her face.

She screamed causing the two creatures to cease the disfigurement. They turned to her, their faces covered by the rusty substance that dripped off of their now pointed chin. She didn’t have a chance to react as they both leapt at her claws dragging down her arms. Her skin split  blood rushing out as she fell to the ground.

She jolted awake terror painting her pale features, she ran a shaking hand through her coarse raven like hair. She peered at the clock that sat on her night stand, 3:45 in the morning. She took in another shaking breath attempting to calm herself, she stood on unsteady legs walking towards her bathroom. She splashed her face with cool water, it was just a nightmare she told herself, knowing she was being ridiculous. She patted her face dry, deciding to go and check to give herself a little bit of reassurance. She walked down the hall humming a soft and familiar tune. She soon came to the room of her younger brother and sister, she opened the door to see them sleeping soundly, not stirring even a little bit. She continued on to check on her parents who she found in the same state. She returned to her room and laid down. Suddenly her arms began to feel sticking and warm. She yanked the blanket back quickly turning on a light to see her arms ripped open and covered in blood.

© 2015 TurtleClark

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Added on January 8, 2015
Last Updated on January 8, 2015



Harrisburg, PA

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