A Story by daross

Deepak Ahlawat October 14 at 9:16pm
On the bed lying headphone attached to my ears
head spinning like hell dancing all over the room 
my world coming to an end,wishing not to puke my guts out

Alcohol in stomach been acting weird for last few minutes 
telling myself not any more from now on no more 
all the sudden my stomach starts to acts on its on 

Even i m trying to control it taking deep breaths 
not working anymore now some liquid coming in my mouth
with a weird taste of alcohol and puke after pushing myself to the limit running like new born baby 

Who just learn how to walk pot is the only option left for me
now its worst then before my head is dancing like hell itself 
i am so out of it i can barely recall where am i

There is knock on the door my head is down on the pot 
i wanted it to ask who is it but tongue babbling so much 
i could barely speak my buddy walks in,door was already wide open ''thank god''

He is drunk as 17 years old kid but i m one with guts in the pot 
he takes me by the hand wipe my face off with water and 
ask still wanna drink more?hell ya i replied but give me sometime 

Let me come back to my scenes he slapped on my face wake up 
you freaking b*****d you the best drinking partner i ever had 
your this close to passing out but still i know your not done yet

He help me take off my clothes next thing i know i m already half way wet shower pouring water so hard its already to starts feel better after putting on clothes where is my god damn beers of freak

Don't drink them all by yourself he hands me over a cool chilled beer straight from freezer and its starts all over again like we just started drinking beers wishing only this night never ends and beers will keep on flowing.

(nights like these are good for memory's and don't feel guilty or anything because drinking with your buddy's always makes you feeling better 'cheers to life')

by daross

© 2011 daross

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This is good n Raw . liked it

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on December 27, 2010
Last Updated on January 7, 2011