Ten Years Later.

Ten Years Later.

A Poem by DasHerzWeint

A simple poem that i threw together in remembrance of those who perished during 9-11.


United we stood.

Together we fell.

Falling into dust,

A living Hell.

Their voices cried out,

As the world saw,

A war that began,

With the fall.

Four hijacked planes,

Two Hundred Sixty-Six passengers dead,

Nineteen of whom were terrorists

Who started a decade of bloodshed.

Four Hundred and Fifty heroes,

Sacrificed themselves to save others.

Never looking back while running into danger,

While the whole world watching and still now shudders.

Twenty-Seven Hundred and Thirty-Five more

Were lost with the World Trade Center's fall.

One Hundred and Twenty-Five in the Pentagon,

Thirty-Five Hundred and Seventy-Six in all.

Three Thousand and Fifty-One children

Had a parent who never came home again.

One Thousand Six Hundred and Nine

Became widows by the morning's end.

We may die.

We may cry.

Our buildings may crumble,

But we won't stumble.

United we stood.

Together we fell.

Falling into Dust,

A living Hell.

Now it's ten years later,

And we'll always remember.

Together we fell.

United we stand.

© 2011 DasHerzWeint

Author's Note

Any constructive criticism? Feel free to criticize it. Rate it, love it, hate it, but never forget what it stands for.

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That was amazing! It actually gave me the shivers! Awesome job!!! :) :) That just wow again...shivers! Loved it :) If anyones doesn't like this...then wow...I just don't know! But I love it! And I still can't belive you were in the second grade too!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on September 12, 2011
Last Updated on September 30, 2011
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