Secrets That You Shouldn't Know About Best Spark Plugs.

Secrets That You Shouldn't Know About Best Spark Plugs.

A Story by David Butler

A spark plug has functions that will assist the efficient running of your car’s engine. Its main purpose is to seal the combustion chamber.


A spark plug has functions that will assist the efficient running of your car’s engine. Its main purpose is to seal the combustion chamber. It normally conducts a spark which is usually generated in the ignition coil to the combustion chamber which then provides a gap for the spark to jump across. After which the heat picked up in the combustion process is conducted to the cylinder head then into the engine’s cooling system. It is after the three step process that combustion process can be started. The main aim of having the best spark plugs is to ensure that all the above requirements are met to ensure durability and the best engine performance.

A spark plug is comprised three significant components which are the insulator, shell, and electrodes. It based on the three components that one can find the best spark plugs.

The Insulator: It usually serves two purposes in which the first one is to insulate secondary ignition voltage which can be grounded from anywhere apart from the gap across the combustion chamber. Then the second function is to pick up the heat from the combustion process to the cooling system. The most important thing in finding the best spark plugs is to ensure that it is able to contain highest voltages that are presently used in the ignition systems and still thrive in the harsh combustion chamber. At the same time, it should have ribs at the top of the insulator to keep the spark traveling to the center of the spark plug beside the ground and along the outside. Spark plugs lacking the ribs end up in causing an intermittent misfire reducing your engine's performance.

The shell: This is a threaded metal hex used in sealing the combustion chamber and then provide a way to remove the spark plug and install it. Most of the spark plugs come in two kinds of seats to seal your combustion chamber which is the gastket type �" which matches with the machine heads that are flat surfaced and the taper type which is meant for the angled seats in the cylinder head. Despite most models are only customized to use one of them the General motor have designed models that can accommodate both. The best spark plugs must be coated with the right coating to minimize seizure and corrosion.

The Electrodes: This product is designed to ensure conduction of a spark from the spark plug wire to the combustion chamber in order to provide a gap. The best spark plugs use metals that enable the spark plug durability without compromising the performance of the engine. In addition, they should be able to use components that will reduce the electrode tip temperature to reduce chemical and electrical corrosion. The most beneficial metals for the best spark plugs are made of platinum and gold palladium.

In other words, the best spark plugs are dependent on the materials used to control the conduction of sparks in the combustion chambers as well as the level of insulation and the components used in making the shells of the spark plugs. In order to find the best spark plugs investigate if they have some of the features that will harness your engine’s performance.

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