Book Three Epilogue

Book Three Epilogue

A Chapter by Ryan Henderson

Epilogue: As it turns out, everything was back to normal on Earth, even Lisa, Tim and Eric were still alive! They still had their memories of what happened, and I explained to them how they were still alive. The world was as if the Kerulen apocalypse had never happened, everyone thought that it was all a dream, although I cannot imagine an explanation being thought of that would explain everyone in the world having the same dream, but as long as no one had any proof that vampires existed, then the secret of the vampires was still safe. I made plans with Saja and Kaleen to visit Ectoclis and Artemis and speak with our friends in the near future. All in all, the future for everyone seemed bright. Everything was back to normal, there was no longer any fear, except for my fear of sunlight, as I was still a vampire. I must learn to live with the decision to become a vampire that I made. I made this choice for the benefit of the world, so I would be strong enough to defeat Vladimir, and I almost wasn’t. Nevertheless, being a vampire does have its moments. What I would do now other than try to regain my old life, I did not know. Like Saja said, anything can happen, I just need to keep an open mind, and keep an open mind, I shall. In the end, everything worked out, no loose ends went un-tied, no cliff-hangers were left, all in all, it was a happy ending. A happy ending indeed.


This Concludes The Accounts Of Nick’s Adventures

The End


© 2014 Ryan Henderson

Author's Note

Ryan Henderson
Well, This concludes my four year writing project! Book One: A Hero's Journey, Book Two: Soldier Of Destiny, and Book Three: Beside The Dying Fire are all part of my four year writing project. Time started: Fall 2010, time finished: Winter 2014. I hope you all enjoyed!

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Ah, a short little epilogue to show that everything is okay in the end! I love this! Awesome happy ending to an awesome series! If there was not a happy ending, I would go insane! I love how the main characters made plans to meet with the other characters who were resurrected back at Drottingheim! This was truly an amazing series, and I am proud to have read it! Very great series, truly a work of art, that goes for every single one of the books!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Ryan Henderson

5 Years Ago

Yes, I loved writing this little epilogue! I love a happy ending, especially an ending that promises.. read more

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Ryan Henderson
Ryan Henderson

Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

I will review your work if you send me a read request, I like to help writers get off of the ground, I will also suggest ideas for your work if needed. Please note that I don't really like poetry... more..