Alcingeria Volume Two Chapter Fifteen: The Conference

Alcingeria Volume Two Chapter Fifteen: The Conference

A Chapter by Ryan Henderson

This Chapter is written from Queen Estaire's point of view. This chapter will be following a conference she is holding regarding the Vampire Mafia's actions.


Chapter Fifteen The Conference:

Friday July 23rd 1690

Estaire Yuka sat at the round table in the castle’s darkened conference room. Sitting around her were people of importance, mostly military officials. This was her inner circle. These were the people she trusted most, they knew about vampires, the mafia and what they did. A large map of Alcingeria was layed out on the table. Everyone was chatting amongst themselves uneasily. Estaire cleared her throat, getting everyone’s attention.

            “Everyone, I’ve called this emergency conference to discuss the recent events.” She began.

            “My Queen, my men are ready to move out on your command.” General Jeffery Robinson announced.

Estaire held up her hand, quieting him.

            “No, there is no need to take military action just yet, General.” She said calmly.

            “What? What do you mean?” General Robinson exclaimed.

He realized that he had spoken in an untoward manor and calmed himself.

            “Apologies, my Queen, but why ever not?” He asked.

            “General, the vampire mafia is not a group to be trifled with. Your men may very well be able to handle them, however it is a gamble. These aren’t humans, they’re vampires.” She explained.

            “Your majesty, my men are the finest in Vulrock. I beg of you, allow my troops to move in and liberate the two locations the vampires have taken.” General Robinson said.

            “I agree with him, my Queen. The vampires are pushing into Yutsa, little by little. If military action is not taken soon, they will push farther in and eventually control the whole province.” Said Lieutenant General Williams.

Estaire nodded, taking in what was said.

            “And that is no doubt their goal, Lieutenant General Williams. However I have a better plan.” The young Queen reasoned.

Everyone at the table was silent, waiting.

            “For now, we merely observe. We know that the mafia is pushing into Yutsa, but we need to know what they’re doing. Yes, they have Dunford, but when they captured it they left a portion of their forces there to defend, then moved onto Stavon the next night. From what King Desmond’s reports say, they’ve been in Stavon for four days now.” Estaire explained.

Those gathered at the table nodded. A hum of agreement came over the room.

            “Hmm, you think they’re planning something?” Major General Baxter asked.

            “Yes.” Estaire replied.

            “Sounds plausible…” Said Brigadier General Myers.

A moment went by where no one said anything.

            “All in agreement with my plan, say ‘I’.” Estaire ordered.

The vote was unanimous. Everyone said ‘I’.

            “Very well, for now we observe.” General Robinson stated.

            “Thank you all for coming. Dismissed.” Estaire said, standing up and walking back to her bedroom.

Her bedroom was just off of the throne room, through a door on the right. She was welcomed by her maid, Mindy. Mindy’s hair was jet black, like Estaire’s. Her eyes were a soft golden brown. She was slim, and taller than Estaire, but only because she constantly wore her black high heeled shoes. Estaire didn’t know how she managed that. She wasn’t a fan of heels herself, she only wore them when she had to, which thankfully, was not often.

            “Oh, good afternoon my lady.” She said with a curtsey.

            “Hello Mindy.” Estaire greeted, slightly looking up to make eye contact.

            “My deepest apologies, but I haven’t gotten to clean your room yet. I was just going to start.” She fretted.

            “Don’t worry about it Mindy, there is no rush.” Estaire laughed.

Mindy smiled back at her, tidying up as Estaire watched. As a Queen, she didn’t want a maid. She didn’t really need one, and she didn’t like having things she didn’t need. However when she became Queen she found herself occupied almost all hours of the day, so Mindy volunteered to be her maid. She wasn’t the greatest at housework, but Estaire didn’t mind. She was a very nice girl and livened up her evenings where she sat alone, reading documents or signing them.

Although her housework skills needed improvement, Mindy could make the best cup of tea Estaire had ever tasted. Mindy knows just how she likes it, and frequently brings her some, especially during the evenings.

            “My lady, would you like some tea?” Mindy asked, reading her mind.

The Queen smiled widely.

            “Yes please!” She answered joyfully.

Her maid left the room, returning a few minutes later with a tea trolley. She handed Estaire a steaming cup of tea on a little dish. On it was a brilliant red rose. Estaire’s eyes lit up when they caught sight of it.

            “Mindy!” She gasped happily.

She took it in her hand and lifted it to her nose, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply. Her lips parted in a smile.

            “I just picked it, I hope it’s to your liking my lady.” Mindy said with a bow.

            “Mindy, It’s perfect!” Estaire exclaimed, throwing her arms around her maid.

The young Queen shortly pulled back, putting the rose down. She took the cup of tea in both hands, inhaling deeply and savoring the smell.

            “Oh my Mindy, your tea is the greatest!” Estaire praised, closing her eyes and sipping the tea.

            “You flatter me, my Queen, it’s nothing special.” She said modestly.

Estaire took another sip of the delightful tea while Mindy cleaned.

            “You know, I think I am starting to get the hang of being Queen.” Estaire said truthfully.

            “I couldn’t agree more, my lady. By the way, how did the meeting go?” Mindy responded as she worked.

            “Very well, thank you.” Estaire replied.

            “What did you choose to do about the um… Situation?” The maid inquired.

            “I decided to wait and see what the vampires are doing. They’ve been in the same place for four days, I think they are up to something. Thankfully, I made the Generals see reason.” She sighed.

            “I think you did the right thing. If we sent troops in to liberate Dunford and Stavon, there’s a good chance we’d sustain heavy losses or be staved off all together.” Mindy offered.

            “That’s more or less what I told them.” Estaire agreed.

            “Great minds think alike!” Mindy sang as she went back to cleaning.




Friday July 23rd 1690

For the last eight days, those who had chosen to stay at Estaire’s castle had went about their lives in the castle. Raymond, Francella, Martha, William and Antoinette were all given rooms in the castle. Edwin, Edward and Darwin had all been fully reaccepted into the Vulrock Law Enforcement.

Although The Vipers still mourned the death of their friend Ceberus Cole, that wound was healing. Well, more so for Raymond and Francella. Martha and William weren’t taking it as well as the two younger men.

As the days went by, boredom set in. They passed time in the guest lounge quite often. Of course, whenever they go in there they always see their friend Jesse.

Jesse, The Vipers and Antoinette were all sitting around in the garden, telling jokes, stories, laughing and having fun.

            “And then they surrounded me! There were dozens! I didn’t think I’d even get out of there alive.” Jesse cried.

            “Are you sure you aren’t exaggerating a little?” Antoinette teased from her reclined position next to Francella.

            “Why Antoinette, you don’t believe me?” Jesse asked innocently.

            “Not for one second.” She said smugly.

Jesse pouted and frowned at her, obviously confused. Antoinette sighed at his borderline petulance.

            “You’re meaning to tell us that a few dozen law enforcement officers had you surrounded?” Antoinette ventured.

            “Exactly. Had they actually caught me, I would’ve been burned at the stake.” Jesse explained.

            “And how’d you get out of that one?” Antoinette asked condescendingly.

            “You see, I knew I stood no chance in a head on fight because of their numbers, so I used my illusion magic to trick half of the guys into thinking I went the other way, so they broke off from the rest and chased the illusion I’d sent them after.” Jesse said with a self-satisfied grin.

            “Then what happened?” Raymond asked.

            “Don’t encourage him.” Antoinette waved him off.

            “I used my destruction magic to finish off the remaining officers.” Jesse replied, his cold blue eyes sparkling with the excitement of reliving the memory.

            “What happened to the other half of the officers?” Francella asked, intrigued.

Jesse shrugged, at a loss for an explanation. He looked thoughtfully to the sky.

            “You know what? I don’t know.” He admitted.

            “Did you undo the spell?” Antoinette asked him.

A grin broke across Jesse’s face.       

“At one point I did. A few hours later. Maybe.” He shrugged.

Everyone chuckled at this. Despite herself, even Antoinette.

            “I don’t know what it is, but I just find magic so intriguing.” William remarked.

Martha cooed at this, for it brought on a warm memory.

            “Yes, when we first met Tabatha you just couldn’t stop asking her questions.” She said with a smile.

The two smiled mournfully, reminded once more of their dear friend Ceberus.

            “T-Tabatha? Ah, she’s the one who hit me with the mug in the er… Guest lounge, right?” Jesse asked.

Jesse’s blue eyes flickered with recognition.

            “Yeah, that was definitely her name.” He muttered.

            “Hm, she also healed you of your burns down in the vampire mafia compound, so I guess you can call it even.” Antoinette added.

            “Yeah, I guess so.” Jesse agreed, lost in memory and thought.

© 2016 Ryan Henderson

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