Alcingeria Volume Two Chapter Twenty Four: Old Ties

Alcingeria Volume Two Chapter Twenty Four: Old Ties

A Chapter by Ryan Henderson

While taking care of the aftermath of the attack on Semera, our heroes are reunited with some old friends.


Chapter Twenty Four Old Ties:

Tuesday July 27th 1690

It’s been three days since the attack at Semera. We’ve spent them helping around the city, repairing the damages to the Western gate was the top priority, but we finished that along with the help of some of the guards on reserve. Once the gate was repaired, we had worked with citizens and guards to help repair houses. The ones that had been obliterated by the IG-90’s gun were a lost cause. The few citizens who lost their homes were put up at the inn, which was more of a hotel. It wasn’t like the crude lodging like in Stavon, it was quite luxurious.

Yesterday, something happened that touched my heart. After we had repaired houses that needed it, we were starting to clean up the area the battle had taken place it. One of the houses a ways away had been crushed by the IG-90’s turret. We asked the guards what to do with it. Instead of having it destroyed, it was put in the museum along with the following plaque;


This turret from the IG-90, the innovative war machine used in the vampire mafia’s attack on Semera the evening of Sunday July 24th, 1690, was dislodged from the rest of the chassis thanks to the valorous efforts of Robert Lowell of Delron, Redmond Bradford of Fel, and Macalister Reese of Vulrock.


After we had left the museum that day, one of the guardsmen on the wall said he saw a battalion approaching from the West. At first we thought that it was another vampire attack, but as they got closer, we saw that they were all in uniform. It was a light leather tunic that was black in color with red trim. It reminded me of the Vulrock law enforcement uniform. It was the same, but it had ‘law enforcement’ stitched onto the front.

Allan ordered that we raise the Western gate. There were several hundred men, all sent from Vulrock!

            “Good on ya Estaire!” Walden shouted.

            “A fairy. How interesting.” Allan said.

He had seen Walden during the battle three days ago, but hadn’t asked any questions. I guess he was processing it.

            “Uh, yeah.” Walden said, scratching the back of his head.

            “Fascinating! You can use magic, I saw that much.” He said.

            “Yeah.” Walden replied awkwardly.

            “I heard stories as a boy, of all these mythical creatures. I never thought that some of them would turn out to be real. Witches, fairies, vampires, and who knows what else.” Allan said, his voice wavering on the word ‘witches’.

            “’Ey Allan, whatcha got against witches?” Walden asked.

Allan laughed, as if it was the most stupid thing he’d ever heard.

            “What? Because they’re evil! Every last one! Fairies and sprites, they’re said to be kind. Mischievous, maybe, but not evil. Witches on the other hand, they only bring death and misery.” Allan spat.

Walden didn’t know what to say, so he just hovered in front of Allan as we watched the reinforcements flood in through the Western gate. There were officers on horseback. Some of them had wagons with crates on the back.

            “We should go help them.” Allan suggested.

We all followed him through the streets. He sought out the nearest officer.

            “Hello there!” Allan greeted.

The officer looked down from his horse.

            “Hello, are you the officer in charge?” He asked.

            “That’s me. Captain Allan Drei, good to meet you.” He said.

            “Vince Ward. I’m one of the officers here, in charge of Squad Nine.” He told him.

Allan looked over to the wagon.

            “What’s in the crates?” He asked.

Vince got down from his horse and opened them. Inside some was gold, inside others was an array of food.

            “Relief, courtesy of the Queen. She put in a last minute order.” He explained.

A grin broke out across Allan’s face.

            “Excellent! Let’s spread the food out to the citizens. Our storages were damaged in the battle, but the farms are for the most part unscathed. Tell your men that there is tons of room in the barracks. Have them spread the word, if you don’t mind.

            “Very well.” He said, riding off.



Tuesday July 27th 1690

After a long day on relief duty, we all went back to the girls’ room in the barracks. It wasn’t dark yet, but it was evening.

            “Ugh, what a day!” Tabatha groaned, falling back onto the bed.

Don layed back with her, kissing her tenderly.

            “We can finally unwind.” He said, stretching out.

            “Ugh, unwind later, and like, somewhere else!” Stella snapped.

Don sighed, kissed Tabatha twice more and sat up with some effort.

            “Come on Stella, give us a break.” Tabatha pleaded.

            “How about you give me a break!” Stella laughed.

Tabatha thought for a second, going quiet. She looked at Stella.

            “Hey Stella, have you ever had… A boyfriend?” She asked.

Stella’s blue eyes shot open. By the looks of it, the question had totally caught her off guard. We all looked at her with anticipation. She looked to all of us, then back at Tabatha.

            “O-of course I have! Why do you ask?” She asked.

Tabatha shrugged.

            “Oh, I was just curious. I mean, you’ve never talked about it before.” The witch replied.

            “Well, I have!” Stella protested.

Walden broke out laughing, holding his sides and flying next to Stella.

            “Blondie, I aint buyin’ it!” He exclaimed.

            “Why you- have you ever had a girlfriend Walden?” She shot back.

Walden stopped laughing.

            “I, yeah. She’s a fairy. She’s back in… Yeah no I haven’t.” He admitted.

Tabatha looked around. Her eyes fell on Erin.

            “How about you Erin?” She asked.

The black haired girl shook her head.

            “I haven’t really thought about it much.” She admitted.

Tabatha cocked her head, and urged Erin to go on.

            “Well, all my life I guess I’ve just focused on academics. School was my whole childhood. When I became a teenager, my love for knowledge only grew. Plus, I have a natural gift for languages, so I’ve been studying them my whole life.” She explained.

Erin seemed a little sad over this fact, but she said it with a certain resolve that also sounded like she was proud of it.

            “Robert?” Stella asked.

He coolly shook his head.

            “No, not yet anyway.” He said.

            “Macalister?” She asked.

He grunted, and looked confused.

            “Blondie, he’s a fighter, not a lover.” Walden whispered.

            “Redmond, what about you?” She asked.

            “Redmond’s kind of… Not coordinated when it comes to that sort of thing.” Robert laughed.

Stella looked to me with a cocked eyebrow as if to say ‘is that true?’ I sighed and nodded.

            “He’s not wrong.” I admitted.

            “That’s adorable! I can give you some… Lessons, if you’d like.” Stella offered.

I gasped, but sort of choked on air and coughed a few times.

            “Wow, that’s… Um…” I stuttered.

Stella giggled, but didn’t take the matter any further.

            “How about you, Tabatha?” I asked.

She shrugged.

            “Well, I kind of liked Dimitri, but that was before he left me to die.” She said with venom.

I remembered that name. Dimitri was the vampire who betrayed her during a heist in Relin. He was working for king Lucias.

No one spoke for a few more seconds. Tabatha turned to Don, grinning evilly.

            “Uh oh.” Robert remarked.

            “So Don, was I your first girlfriend? Be honest!” She said, holding her grin.

Don looked to Robert and I. We just shook our heads and laughed at his unfortunate position. Just then, there was a knock at the door.

            “Come in!” Erin called happily.

The door opened and in walked three men that I instantly recognized.

            “My, it’s been some time!” Chirped Edward Finn, his blue eyes shining.

            “Indeed, it’s good to see all of you!” Darwin Brown said, scratching his head and ruffling his orange hair.

And finally, Edwin Wayde stepped forward. His blonde hair was neatly combed and his mud colored eyes shone with pride.

            “Hello to you all!” He said with a smile.

His gaze lingered on Tabatha a tad longer than it had on the rest of us, but his smile didn’t waver.

            “We heard about the battle here a few nights ago. We’re glad to see you all in one piece.” Edwin said.

            “It was something, and we just barely held them off. If not for Redmond, Robert and Macalister, we wouldn’t have.” Erin said.

            “Brave as ever, eh?” Darwin asked approvingly.

Edward turned to Erin.

            “I’m sorry, you weren’t on the task force. What’s your name?” He asked.

            “It’s Erin.” She answered with a smile.

            “I’m Tabatha, in case you don’t remember me.” Tabatha said.

            “How could we not? We rescued you from the vampire mafia!” Darwin laughed.

            “I’m Walden, nice t’meet ya.” Walden said.

Tabatha laughed. Edwin looked around the room.

            “It seems you’re missing a few people. Did they…?” He trailed off.

            “They’re staying at Queen Estaire’s castle, they’re safe. They didn’t have the necessary talents to come with us.” Robert explained.

            “Right. We haven’t been at the castle lately. We’ve been off training.” Darwin said, patting his sword.

            “So what brings you three here?” Robert asked.

            “Well, we were talking with Allan, and he was saying how you all have been on the frontlines lately facing off against the vampires.” Edward explained.

            “Well, that may be glorifying it a bit. Anyway, go on.” I chuckled.

            “Anyhow, Allan was going on about how you took out the ‘tank’ and Edwin being our new captain and all… Well, how would you all like to join Squad Three?” Darwin asked.

            “Oh, you were promoted?” Stella asked.

            “We’d love to!” Robert exclaimed.

Everyone gave a cheer of agreement. Even Stella and Erin said that they were for it.

            “Fantastic! You’ll all start off as privates, and you’ll earn new ranks for victories and other achievements.” Edwin cheered.

            “So, what do we do?” Stella asked.

            “We wait until we’re summoned for duty, I suppose.” Edwin answered.

            “Well, can’t you request to be posted somewhere? You’re the captain after all.” Stella asked.

            “Well, I’m not exactly the captain. I’m actually Second Lieutenant. I’m only in charge of a small group of people.” Edwin explained.

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