A Poem by Not here

What do you think? I'm trying to get back into my groove.

What do you call this? 
A breakup or a breakthrough?
A bulls-eye or a big miss?
A broken record or just new?

Some say I'm a masterpiece,
I just smile at their flattery.
Some say I'm a big disaster,
so why do they stay long after?

Emotions like fuel running through my veins;
Try to hold me down but it won't sway
my furious funneling of fearlessness for
anything that stands in my way. I'll bust down the door. 

I could be what I choose, when I choose, how I say it.
I'm tired of living in fear, hiding from daytime.
It's about time, overdue time, that I start rhymes
instead of sitting around, it's time I say it and spray it.

Rhyme schemes? Forget rhyme schemes.
This is my time, I'm my own king.
I roll through, just bowl through
any pin in my own road too.

Cold days, I just roll plays;
see Shakespeare, in his old years?
Didn't slow down, didn't take a bow,
until all of his work was finished. "Wow!"

Now me here, I'm no Picasso,
even if my work's similar as snow.
Snow flakes are just milkshakes
on steroids without all the taste.
But they're all so unique you say?
Just like my works I referenced, aye?

Agree? Disagree? Somewhere in the middle?
I'm sorry I can't argue with you or even piddle.
I got work to do, things to write, stuff to see.
Places to be, if you know what I mean.

So give me that mic, that pike, that stick.
Watch me stick the landing jumping out of this pit.
It's time for a breakthrough with a little bit catastrophe.
See ya when I land, but for now, this is all Me.

© 2015 Not here

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Author's Note

Not here
Getting back into my groove required a breakthrough.

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I love the whole rhyme going on in this poem keep it up :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

a great write, lots of emotion ,flowed well I say you found your groove

Posted 7 Years Ago

Nice flowing write, great never say die attitude, I can appreciate your enthusiasm.
Any positive energy is great, I write similar to this style, I thank you for sharing, keep writing
and b-blessed to

Posted 7 Years Ago

I love the rhyming!
Well done!

Posted 7 Years Ago

This is so unique! Gosh of love this so much!! The way you used your words... The emotions flowed perfectly! I totally just adored this piece so much! I can't even explain lol

Posted 7 Years Ago

I admire anyone who has enough guts to speak to the world out loud.If they try to bring you down give rm the best of your punches.I liked this just because it was simple enough to decipher.No fancy metaphors to screw my mind.It was clear as glass and i had the power to cut through my emotions.I don't believe in just surviving its in thriving that i believe.And in the way it dripped with confidence i really liked it. Good to know there are people out here who don't succumb but have power enough to fight the inevitable. (y) *keep writing* :)


Posted 7 Years Ago

Very interesting poem ... an internal conversation gong on in this poem :-)

Posted 7 Years Ago

alot of it's like freestyle

with a lot of emotion and energy
it plays to my favorite style of internalizing the self

all the while its like a conversation with the audience

very catchy too btw

I loved this one


Posted 7 Years Ago

Both your display pic and poem inspire me haha. Respect.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Some say I'm a masterpiece,
I just smile at their flattery.
Some say I'm a big disaster,
so why do they stay long after?"
David, I swear dude this is my favorite poem from you, we all tend to think like this (Especially if we're teens)
Man, what an awesome piece of work

Posted 7 Years Ago

Not here

7 Years Ago

Thanks alot :) glad we can all connect

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Not here


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