The Multi-fire Facets of Solomon's Sword

The Multi-fire Facets of Solomon's Sword

A Poem by David W Moore III

A surreal little trip


We dirty danced to the beat of her scorn
Legs rubbing and slinging sweat and sweet blood every which way
Her grin cut deep, opening another vein, torrents of memories mixing with life fluids pooling on the floor
I smiled and leaned in for a kiss, finding sharp teeth at ready
Copper mixed with saliva ate at the titanium structure I'd imbued with so much pride
I dragged my fingers through the ichor on the floor never taking my eyes from hers
When I straightened up, blood dripping from my fingers, I cupped them gently, lovingly deftly manipulating
She laughed and raked her nails across my chest, hot lava flowing freely
I opened my hands, producing a zydeco parrot, a smile highlighting my face
She pulled me tight, crushing the bird in her breast
Chimes tinkled as my oracle bones shattered upon the floor, creating unseen divinations
Her laugh stalked across the room
As I fell to the ground, scrambling to gather my unwritten words
Disdain rained down on my head and I pieced myself together
But now where legs had been two, there are eight
And my spinneret whirred and clacked with creation
"The web I weave is filled with lies or truth
What you perceive is left solely to you."
I spun woven light round her eyes wide shut
And watched her smile implode
Written on her face in indigo threads,
Multi-fire facets of Solomon's sword
Her mouth stretched, obscene screaming silence unfound
Until it was covered as well

We dirty danced to the beat of her scorn
But now she is trussed in webs never to be torn

© 2013 David W Moore III

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The metaphors are unique, the setting is sexy, this is a fantastic read.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on August 20, 2013
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David W Moore III
David W Moore III

New Orleans, LA

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A Story by David W Moore III