2 a.m Feeding

2 a.m Feeding

A Poem by Dawn

I wrote this shortly after my son started sleeping through the night (at 3 weeks old)


I will never forget the many times I tried to convince Rob we were ready for a baby only to hear him say it wasn't time. 

I will never forget walking down the stairs and Rob stopping me in the foyer to give me a hug and say, "let's have a baby"

I will never forget that Saturday morning in March when I woke up and decided to take a home pregnancy test just for the heck of it and saw two lines.  I'll never forget the next two I took just to convince myself it was true.

And I'll never forget the look on Rob's face when I showed him the first test.

I'll never forget seeing that little peanut shaped 7 week old baby on the Ultrasound screen.  Yup, there's definitely something there.

I will never forget watching my stomach grow day after day.


I will never forget the first time I felt those flutters in my stomach.  No, it wasn't butterflies. 

And listening to the heartbeat at every doctor appointment.

I will never forget the next Ultrasound in July and to hear the doctor say "there's a penis"

I will never forget the kindness, compassion and endless amounts of advice given from so many experienced mothers.

I will never forget getting out of bed at 3 am when I felt the third contraction.  Sitting on the couch and timing the others until they were 5 minutes apart.  Getting Rob up, rushing to the hospital and waiting for the doctor to check and say "it's time"

I will never forget the 15 hours of labor, the 3 hours of pushing and the doctor deciding the baby wasn't coming down on his own and it was time for the c-section.

I will never forget that wonderful anesthesia that helped me to feel NOTHING as I was lying there during surgery.

I will never forget the moment when I first heard the cries of my baby boy.  I'll never forget my own tears I shed because of the happiness I felt.

I'll never forget the first moment the doctor brought him over to me.  He looked so peaceful bundled up in his receiving blanket.  As soon as I spoke to him his eyes opened wide and he looked at me as if he already knew who I was. 

I will never forget the first time I held him and felt that immediate love that all parents feel for their children.  Now I believe in love at first site.

I'll never forget the day we took him home from the hospital.

And I'll never forget these sleepless nights listening to his cries for my attention.  Sitting with him on the couch as I fed him his bottle and rock him to sleep only to do it again in two to three hours.  I'm going to miss those nights when they end. 

I'll never forget each and every day God gives me with my baby boy because each day seems to pass too quickly.

© 2008 Dawn

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Added on April 15, 2008
Last Updated on April 15, 2008




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