Clowning Down

Clowning Down

A Poem by The Rock And Roll Cowboy(REBEL WITH A CAUSE)


A bloody nose

Loses its significance

When that nose is already red

And a smile is painted on

To hide the pain

Of being hated even more

Then those that only speak

With actions.

Juggling your schedule

Becomes a circus

When you have to carpool

With only those that have

Egos as big as yours.

Still your act goes on

Because you can’t see life

Beyond what you think

Is a beautiful red nose.

© 2020 The Rock And Roll Cowboy(REBEL WITH A CAUSE)

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Lots of times, when I read you, I can see the focused message you are making with often unrelated ideas used for symbolism. This poem seems different to me becuz your meaning could be a wide number of things & your symbolism gets us thinking in a more rambling way. On one hand, I love how this snarks those who put on some big bulbous WHATEVER (penis comes to mind) to conduct their version of what it means to be powerful and/or influential. I also love how this could be interpreted as a snark to those who worship false heroes, all those fake red blobs out there we think are something special becuz they make millions of dollars & the cameras are always on them. I mean, I could go on & on. The thinking behind your deceptively playful poetry is deep! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 3 Months Ago

this is such a good poem...."the tears of a clown"---
the smile is what hides the tears...and an ego is much like that false smile...those who have the most insecurities paint their noses the reddest...

Posted 7 Months Ago

The Rock And Roll Cowboy(REBEL WITH A CAUSE)

7 Months Ago

Thank you for the great analyzation of my work.
The Rock And Roll Cowboy(REBEL WITH A CAUSE)

3 Months Ago

i love when peoplee get different mwssagwes from my work, thank u for the kind review
its as plain as the nose on our faces Cowboy! :)
ps. so blessed i never had to car pool ;)

Posted 7 Months Ago

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Added on January 29, 2020
Last Updated on January 29, 2020


The Rock And Roll Cowboy(REBEL WITH A CAUSE)
The Rock And Roll Cowboy(REBEL WITH A CAUSE)

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