The First Arrow

The First Arrow

A Chapter by Dakota

In this chapter Ryu gets attacked by his loves clan (Saro's clan) His love Yin. Wanted only one thing from him and he refused she wants her clan to kill him.

I remembered watching her start to cry as i looked down at the aching pain in my chest as I spotted 3 arrows sprout from within me like a plant grows from between rocks. I remember falling slowly to the ground as if time it's self was weeping for me.
I remember watching as two men walked up, both dressed in all black, step in perfect harmony towards her. Then one of the men started to take her away. I attempted to tell them to stop, but I couldn't blood was rushing from the inside of my mouth, preventing me from doing anything.
The other men was trying to come to a conclusion to either stay behind to finish me off or go with his partner. "Ichigo", said the man who was walking towards me. "I'm going to kill him. I'll catch up don't wait."
I heard him unsheathe his katana with a hiss. I listened as he loosened up his muscles and arms. I heard him as he swirled the blade above his head checking the balance of the blade. The blade would whistle with every swift movement this man made. I listened as he became still.
I watched as Yin was pulled away by Ichigo. The last tear I thought to be the last believe I would ever see fall from my loves face again.
As they walked away the ninja that stood above me said, "Do you know what it feels like to have every limb on your body chopped off?" He paused. "No, well lets find out shell we." 
He arched the blade up over his head. Time seemed to slow down as i watched the blade fly down targeted at my arm in a blur. He stopped, didn't move everything was silent except a faint hum of a bow string after being released. Blood trickled down this mans cheek. He looked down upon me and then I spotted it. An arrow was stuck in his eye, did center where his pupil was.
I watched as this man stumbled backwards like a drunk man and then he fell over dead.
Then, the world went black. There is nothing now, no sound, no movement, nothing to see and nothing to feel. Then I felt everything all at once my whole body hurts. I can feel it all. As, 
Then, a whisper, and another. Then there is talking. I open my eyes. I see two ninjas sitting by a fire, alone. Wait, they are dressed in white and neither of them are wearing  masks. 
They are girls I quickly get up. I stand and I fall back on my a*s. They hear me fall and turn there heads quickly, grabbing there katanas and standing. 
I stand up again, catching my balance. I stand there looking as they look back. Then, the taller of the girls drops her katana and runs to me and gives me a hug.
Confused i ask,"Who are you? Why did you save me?"
"Don't you remember me....Ryu?" Says the tall one.
"Ryu?" Says the shoter one. Looking stumped as if trying to put the name to my face to make sure it is me. Then suddenly the thought of recognition comes across her face.  "Ryu!" She yells, then she runs over and hugs me.
I sit here pondering what happened before I blacked out and awoke here and I also wonder who these two women are before me. Then it all came back to me in a flash. I remember everything from the arrows in my chest to the two women who stand in front of me.
Saying without hesition from getting my memory back, "
Hitomi and Rekio." I, then, give them a both a huge and warm smile, with a hug. "I've missed you all." I tell them.
Hitomi, the tallest of the two girls kisses me, I kiss her back automatically. Then I pull away slowly from the kiss remembering that we are not together, because she never liked me.
Then it hits me "Where is Yin?" I ask looking all over, freaking out.
"Who is that?" Reiko asks me.
"The girl I was with."
"But there was no one else there when we got there."
"Ya, it was just you and the man from Saro's clan." Says Hitomi.
I fall to my knees crying. The tears blur my vision, but I make no sound. Trying to make it look like I am honoring the dead and thinking of the missing. I kneeled there for the longest time thinking. Just as I was going to open my eyes I hear something that it is just outside of the light, then I hear it again. It is someone trying to move light on their towards us, trying to apoarch with quite stealth. I jump to my feet in a blur grab a katana.
"Get behind me now." I whisper.
"Wah...." Reiko says as she falls to the ground dead.
Behind me Hitomi screams in terror. I watch as shurkiens fly at me i dodge them and pluck the ones out of the air that go towards Hitomi.
I throw the shurkiens back and hear grunts and groans as ninjas dressed in black fall back dead.
What do i do now? I think to myself. "We are over run by Saro's clan." I feel blood start to pour out of the wounds where I was shot with the arrows.
I watch as an arrow flies straight at me. "Oh god not now. I can't fail." I think to myself.

© 2011 Dakota

Author's Note

This has been revised if any mistakes have slipped past me please tell me asap. Thank you.

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its a good lead, gives plenty of room for interpretation, but you need to work on indicating when the point of view changes just by doing this ~ before a paragraph helps a reader. Nice job though

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 5, 2010
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I love stories and i want all truth but make it as nice as possible more..

Forever yours Forever yours

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