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One day in the summer of 2010, I wanted to watch the sunset because I haven't done so since 09'. The date today was August 7th. Being it was summer the time had to get relatively late before the sun would pass the black horizon line. I always enjoyed watching sunsets. Unfortunately, after the first twenty minutes, sunset watching turns into like watching paint dry. I was doing anything to keep myself from getting bored and quitting; whether it be writing some song lyrics or picking up a rubix cube attempting to solve it. I was never good at solving those. I knew there was an established algorithm that people did to solve it, even with eyes closed. I never gave the time to learn it because when would solving a rubix cube really ever help me? 

It was approximately 9:30 when I felt my eyes growing heavy. I normally fall asleep around 9:00, so I was a little off my sleep schedule. I kept them open with my heart set on seeing the entire sunset. It now was showcasing assortments of red and orange hues. A fierce dark orange resonated in the middle of the sun and outward dark reds slowly overpowering the warm oranges, leaving the outside a sharp brick red. The sky was a cherub red like the cheeks of a baby with a navy blue blanket darkening the bright red. The colors overwhelmed my eyes, and made them excessively dry. I was pondering about putting my dark brown aviators on, but I thought to myself, what if I only saw darkness? So I didn't put them on.  

Bored with the sun's snail-like descent into the earth, I felt my eyes twitching, begging me to go to sleep. It was about 11 and I was still not satisfied with myself, because losing some hours of sleep for one day isn't a problem with me. I kept pursuing. I gazed as mosquitoes quickly flew around me, trying to find a great spot for them to sting me. I was glad that I had used mosquito repellent earlier. I don't know the name because I didn't buy it, my mother did. I was still glad. I began to wonder how it worked. Does the repellent mask your scent with the outside so it doesn't seem like your there? Does it make it you smell like a poisonous substance? Does it make you smell like another mosquito? I didn't know.I kept pondering the question. 

I was ready to go inside because the sun had almost passed the horizon. The burnt orange scenery was brilliant in every aspect. I regretted not bringing my significant other with me. She would've loved to see this sunset, and it was something we haven't done yet together. I picked myself up and stood to watch the last seconds of the sunset.

When I fully stood up, like mornings, the sun began to rise. I questioned what happened to the sunset. The sky never turned a midnight blue with stars making the sky glisten. For the past hours the sun kept the sky with it's Vermilion background. Quickly, scanning my surroundings there were no mosquitoes were flying about. The three bites which I had gotten had disappeared. I saw clouds streamline into my direction. Curiously, I looked at my clock and it read, 9:30. 

© 2012 WilliamAllen

Author's Note

Avoid Grammar problems(unless it's really noticeable like missing words), this is my first short story ever.

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Great story! You really captured how waiting on an something that stretches on can appear to last forever. I especially liked how you let the characters mind wander as he grew bored. i would appreciate it if you could rate my first story. It is not really all that short but i put a lot of effort into it. Thanks. http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/Elmelin/1065120/

Posted 11 Years Ago

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