The Burgundy House

The Burgundy House

A Story by WilliamAllen

I have to do some much writing, and these sort things for school. This is my making of an "Urban Legend" I hope you enjoy.

In the early morning, a nine year old boy often went for walks, by himself, in his neighborhood, in the small town of Kingston. His parents were lenient on him, and he did this often enough that the parents didn’t mind. Also, it was a relatively safe neighborhood. Everybody knew this boy because his parents would knock on their doors to ask where he was, if wasn‘t back home after thirty minutes. Most of time, they pointed to the direction where he went. 
This time, when thirty minutes passed they called out the little boy’s name and didn’t get a reply. They figured he got side-tracked with time, like always. This time, however, when the parents came knocking on the doors of the families in suburb, none of them had seen the little boy go walking out. The mother and father of the little boy began to worry, and wished they would’ve gone with him every single time. They rampantly drove down the suburb, going to every single house, receiving the same answer, no. 
They got to end of the street, and saw a new house here they never saw before. Except, they’re was a mysterious and eerie feeling to it, but being blinded of wanting their child back in their safety, walked up to the door. It had a stone walkway to the door, with on the grass dandelions and shrooms cultivating themselves. The walls were burgundy, and vines wrapped themselves the house. The windows were covered in dew and scum, with minor cracks near the edges. The wooden porch in front of the house was cracking, and looked if any weight exerted on, it would cave it in. 
The mother and father knocked on the door, and it creaked open. They peered their heads in the door, and saw nobody was around. They walked in hoping to find their son. 
The child who was out for a walk, opened his front door, and in a sweet voice announced, “mommy, daddy I’m home!”
No response, he didn’t know what to think, and went to go play with his toy trucks. He was playing for a long time, and no sounds at all were in the house besides his vrmmmmmm and beep beep sound effects from his mouth echoing. He got curious and went upstairs to see if his mommy and daddy were sleeping. The child slowly cracked open the door, to get an eye in the bedroom, and saw the bed was empty. He was beginning to get scared, he wondered what happened to mommy and daddy. The child went to the kitchen, and saw nobody there. Went down to the basement, nobody. Up to the attic, nobody. The child began to cry, and wondered what he should do. He dialed 911 and told his mommy and daddy were missing.
Two policemen quickly arrived at the house, and saw the young boy. They quietly asked the boy questions, and to took him to look for his parents. The officers went to ask the neighbors if they happened to see the little boy’s parents. They all asked who was the little boy? The cops brought the little boy, and they all answered they have never seen anyone like him. The policemen looked at the little boy, and kept reassuring him they would find his parents. The kept asking, eventually they reached a family who gave information the little boys parents entered a burgundy house. The policemen thanked that family, and went down to find the burgundy house.
They looked desperately for the burgundy house, and couldn’t find it. They breathed heavy sighs. Then police officers realized the car had become questionably really quiet, and looked in the backseat. The child was no longer there. They immediately stopped, and went outside looking around for the child. The kid wasn’t in sight, and the kid couldn’t hide because there weren’t enough trees. The police were confused with the whereabouts with the kid.
Then one of the police officers pointed and in front of them was the burgundy house. They were curious, and had a job to do. They figured if they could get in there they might be able to get the parents, and get more information where the little boy could be, finally solving this mystery. They left their squad car, and walked up to the door. They knocked on the door and it creaked open. They saw a dark, desolate house with cobwebs strewn about, china plates shattered on the ground, broken glass on tabletops, and red wine stains on the carpeted floor. One of the police officers gave a look of fear, and tugged on his partner’s uniform, asking to leave. The other one slapped him and told him it was just an old house. They entered the house, and were never seen again. The family with the little boy was never seen again either.
Many people followed up to see where they went, and all the families living in that neighborhood answered with no recollection of meeting those people. There was only that one family, who always said they went inside of a Burgundy House. Eventually, people stopped coming, but the legend of the Burgundy House moved from city to city. Nobody knows why it shows and how it becomes seen to people. There have been instances in Baltimore, Eureka, and Charleston where a pair of people had one person see it, while the other did not. It remains a mystery, that can’t be solved or explained, but people know one thing for sure. That house has only one way in and no ways out. 

© 2012 WilliamAllen

Author's Note

Have fun, and Blast Away with criticisms. This is very much a free write.

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Added on November 11, 2012
Last Updated on November 11, 2012
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