Life is too short Chapter 1

Life is too short Chapter 1

A Story by Erin Williams

I wake up with a pain in my stomach. I hold my stomach where it hurts and wait until it fades away. The pain is nothing new. I have been having pains in my stomach for a while now. I would tell my mom but I don’t want to worry her with nothing since she’s been working long shifts for two months now and its wearing her out so I get dressed for school. I put on a black t-shirt and some ripped shorts. The pain comes again when I’m tying my converses but I grit my teeth and continue tying them. When I pass the kitchen my mom stops me. “Why haven’t you been eating breakfast here Elisa?” “I’ve been eating breakfast at school.” I lie hoping she doesn’t notice. The truth is that I haven’t been eating lately because I haven’t had an appetite for a while now. Before my mom can say anything I hear the bus so I say, “I love you” to her and run to get on the bus.

During the fist half of the day I did well. I had only a couple of stabs of pain but I was able to hide them from my friends. If they found out about the pain they wouldn’t let me hear the end of it even if it was something as harmless as cramps. Though I did find out they were observant on something else. When we entered the lunchroom my best friend Aiden grabs me and starts to drag me somewhere. “Where are you taking me Aiden.” I say while I’m trying to get him to let go. “I’m taking you to get some lunch since we haven’t seen you eat in awhile.” When he said “we” I looked over at the lunch table I sit at with all my friends and they all shake their heads so I stop resisting Aiden and let him take me through the lunch line. The main reason I’m letting him is because I don’t want my friends to worry about me. A small part of me is letting him because when he went to drag me into the line it was my hand he grabbed. I’ve known him since the 9th grade when he first moved here and ever since then I have had a crush on him. I don’t know what I like more about him. Could it be his shaggy black hair with electric blue bangs that gets in the way of his glasses or his habit of running his fingers through his hair when he gets nervous better yet is it because he understands me better than anyone else I know. I mentally scold myself I need to quit zoning out. I grab my tray and head towards the table. When I sit down I look at what’s on the tray. There are chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and a roll. I grab a piece of the roll and am about to eat it when I got real dizzy and the room started to fade out.

I wake up in a hospital room. There is a nurse in the room checking on me and when she sees that I am awake she says, “Thank goodness your awake.” When I find my voice I ask “Where’s my mom?” the nurse frowns and says the answer I was dreading “I’m sorry but when we gotten a hold of your mom she said she was at work and she will be off in two hours and she will come check on you.” After that the nurse tells me that they are going to take me to get some tests done to see what happened in the lunchroom.

It takes an hour and a half to get the tests done with. Right now I’m waiting for them to find the results of the test. It’s probably because I haven’t been eating enough. After a little bit the doctor comes in and sits down. When he’s done looking at the papers on his board he looks at me. “I am so sorry to inform you this but your results say that you have cancer.”

© 2013 Erin Williams

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Added on October 8, 2013
Last Updated on October 8, 2013


Erin Williams
Erin Williams

Trumann, AR

I enjoy writing but i have trouble writing poems so i might need someones help on them and i hope i can become friends with some of the writers on here :) more..

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