Dedicated With Love

Dedicated With Love

A Story by Deborah Leah Krempa

An eagle is soaring on high


Across an azure blue sky


A tiny cabin sits upon a rolling hillside


Near a winding river stream


The smoke of longhouses and campfires in the distance


The smell of cedar, sweet grass and sage is awesome


As the sound of drums and flutes fill the air


Two children at play


Two grandfathers watching them


From not so far away sitting talking atop of the hill


It is a beautiful day filled with sunshine


A few cottony clouds floating by


Two different cultures


Two wonderful old friends


The little boy is half Irish and half Cherokee


The little girl as Irish as she can be


That's the way it was when Melba met George


There was no such thing as radio or TV


Just moments spent enjoying one another's company


It was the turn of the 19th century


Times were changing quite rapidly


But Melba and George were young and carefree


When they met it was at a Halloween party


There was singing and dancing and so much to do


George was handsome and tall and wore long black braids


His skin naturally bronzed from the sun


Melba had pale ivory skin with freckles on her face


She was petite with locks of golden hair


Soon the two of them became a pair


They destined to marry and so


George left his father's Indian Reservation


Moved into the big city with Melba as his bride


She bore him three children


A daughter and two sons


Betty Eileen, Jack and Ronald


Just starting out they had a beautiful life together


With the hopes, plans and dreams


That all young couples have


Until one day tragedy struck


It was during the time of "The Great Depression"


Times were tough and jobs were scarce


George was out of work all but for running a small farm


He made just enough to keep his family fed


Not many luxuries could they afford


But they were happy


An old acquaintance of George's


Stopped by their house to visit one day


George was headed into town


To pick up groceries and a few things at the local market


He asked his friend would he like to accompany him


The friend obliged to tag along


That is when destiny or fate went terribly wrong


As they entered the market, his friend pulled out a gun


Threatened the store owner behind the counter to lay low


George spoke up and said


"I'll have no part in this, I am not that kind of man..."


At that point his acquaintance stepped back


And, aimed the gun directly at George


George turned to leave the store when his assailant


Shot him in the side, as George fell and crumpled to the floor


The store owner grabbed the gun from the shooter


And so held him at bay until help arrived


By that time George had bled profusely


He was rushed to the nearest hospital


When Melba and their three little children arrived


George died with Melba at his side


In her loving arms she held him


As he took his last breath of life


My mother was Betty Eileen


She was six years old at the time


Of the shooting death of her father


Her brothers Jack was three and Ronald one and half


She never got over the shock of losing her "Daddy"


This poem is dedicated with love to my Grandfather



© 2009 Deborah Leah Krempa

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Sad and tragic, Thank you for sharing; it is always hard to loose someone especially when it is in violence like that. Thank you for keeping them alive in story.

Posted 13 Years Ago

This IS A Poem Not A Story And IN My Contest I Only Accepted STORIES

Posted 13 Years Ago

You have such a talent of telling a story and paying tribute to those you love. Another excellent write.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Such a sad story, but beautifully written. I felt a little forced in the beginning, and there were some spots it didn't flow as easily as it did in others, but that doesn't really detract from the true beauty of the piece. You've written a lovely tribute to not just your grandfather but your whole family. Well done!


Posted 13 Years Ago

This is an amazing and sad story Debileah.

You write is written with such love and clarity, I feel weird saying that I enjoyed reading this ..... but because of the delicate way you crafted it, I did.

It makes me want to write the story of how my grandparents met, and in time lost.


Posted 13 Years Ago


Posted 13 Years Ago

What a sad story. The spoken verse style really adds to the storytelling aspect of the piece. Our ancestors aren't just names in a book or underneath a photo. They were real people with real stories. Thank you for sharing this.


Posted 14 Years Ago

A memorial poem rendered with a well-etched simplicity.

Poignant reflection on the vagaries of fate of what preceded one's own time, in one's family line.

Makes me genealogically more curious, as well.

Vividly cinematic interlude as well; one can see this tragedy unfolding in mind's-eye.

Fine caring tribute.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Deborah Leah Krempa
Deborah Leah Krempa

Toledo, OH

I am grandmother,.. My children and my grandchildren I love them all so very much. They are my gifts from my creator, the blessings in this life. I simply adore poetry and the .. more..


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