Arguing With My Body.

Arguing With My Body.

A Poem by Accalia

It describes some of things I go through at any given moment, but I picked late night to early morning to write about. Also I don't own the picture.

Arguing With My Body.
My Body: Wake Up!
Wake up I say!
Me: No body it's two in the morning
I beg you let me sleep.

My Body: Sleep!? you're so funny!
You must get up-
You're sugar is too low!
Get up now! I say now!

Me: (Gets up and checks sugar)
 It's 200 my sugar is not too low body-
You don't need any food
Now please lest me sleep.

My Body: you hear that?
You hear it don't you?
The growling, churning of our stomach.
It seem dinner wasn't very pleasing.
You better run to the trash can..

Me: Ugh fine..
(Gets up from  the couch, and falls instantly)

My Body: Oh..oops I forgot-
To mention that your hips
Aren't sitting right in their sockets
So..good luck with walking!

Me: (sighs) Great...why?
Why must we do this?
I've done nothing to you body...

My Body: did nothing.
Oh before I forget?..
Do you feel that?
The burning, crippling, stabbing- 
Drive you insane kind of pain?
Look who came to join the party!
Nerve pain& muscle spasms!

Me:...Please stop!
Please..I beg of you

My Body: Ha! fat chance!
If you really want release
Then take those painkillers.
That make you a zombie
That make you puke your brains out!
That make you unable to move or concentrate.

Me: ..No.. I won't
They don't work-
They don't help-
I'm just about the same.
When I take the painkillers.
...I'd rather suffer.

My Body: Then suffer you shall,
For it's a long way before morning-
And we're far from done.
But hey look on the bright side,
At least you're not alone in this.
You have me.

Me: (Sighs) ...Well so much for sleep
(Gets up from the floor ) This is such a pain.
(Grabs the remote & sits on the couch) 
I guess I'll see what is on tv.
And wait for this nightmare to end.

© 2017 Accalia

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crazzy this is...wonderful....i loved it.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you very much.

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