A Poem by Baby Ricochet

We hold Israel to a civilized standard because HAMAS has no civilized standards.


"Israel will exist and will continue to exist  until Islam will obliterate it,
just as it obliterated others before it."
     Preamble to the covenant of HAMAS.  

Loud speakers on the minarets 
The vengeful words they say 
Death to the prophet's enemies 
so Allah will be praised 

Distorted ideologies 
cast death a sallow eye
The faithful pray for martyrdom
beneath a crimson sky

Homicides by suicide 
pack C4 in a vest 
Prophets prescribe Zionists die 
a vengeful god is blessed 

Rockets fire from crowded houses
Positioned with intent 
Israeli rounds come crashing down 
Civilian lives are spent 

Cameras filming mangled corpses
A propaganda coup 
Sick scenes of mass atrocities
What they were meant to do 

With Israel's atrocities
paraded on a stage 
the left turns co-conspirator 
To militant outrage

The militants of Palestine
Fanatic Lunatics
You are the peoples enemy
A pack of Heretics 

A scourge upon the holy land 
A warrior perverse 
Humanities catastrophe 
a genocidal curse 

"The day of judgement will not come about 
until Muslims fight Jews and kill them. Then
the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, 
then the rocks and trees will cry out,
Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, 
Come and kill him."
    Article 7 from the covenant of HAMAS.
    Taken straight from the Koran 

© 2014 Baby Ricochet

Author's Note

Baby Ricochet
Nazi anti Semitic propaganda poster. In the Arabic world holocaust denial is a common core belief and it's assumed everything that goes wrong is an Israeli plot to undermine the Arab world. The media is to busy focusing on the corpses piling up in Gaza (Israel should be held accountable for it's heavy handedness.) to report on the Arabic world's rabid anti-Semitism. The main reason they won't report on it is because it wouldn't be PC by casting the Arabic/ Muslim world in an unfavorable light IE "racist," the ultimate offence in our culture. There's no doubt Israel has committed crimes in the occupation and subjugation of the Palestinian people and Israel should be held accountable for those crimes but we need to remember what Israel is fighting against. Despite what some extremists may say in the media Israel has not, and never has had, a document calling for the eradication of the Arabic people. With extremist groups all across the middle east with funding from Iran, Saudi Arabia and other oil rich nations hell bent on destroying Israel, the same can not be said for the Arab world. This is a complex, difficult story. With all the dead children coming out of Gaza it's impossible for any civilized human being not to be horrified and look to Israel for some kind of restraint with the reason being, the world knows we can't look to HAMAS for anything but more bloodshed. Israel's the only hope for stability in the region.

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I have read your poem, and I have read these other reviews, and I am thoroughly confused. I totally respect people of all faiths, and I wish that peace were possible, but it is not. People were created with a built in survival instinct, and it will keep them fighting.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Baby Ricochet

9 Years Ago

It's a very confusing, complicated situation. Thank you Marie


"Distorted ideologies
cast death a sallow eye
The faithful pray for martyrdom
beneath a crimson sky"

This is Powerful.

I don't know when will it stop? All prayers for Peace is going futile I feel. A sad but a true thing you shared.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like your pieces on these types of controversial matters because you do a good job of looking at all sides. There is an unbiased and well thought out argument to your geo political work. (I read the piece about Israel needing to take responsibility too).
You do your homework B.R, and you have a sharp and open mind that helps put your findings into perspective.


Posted 9 Years Ago

Baby Ricochet

9 Years Ago

Thanks Diego. I appreciate it
Well stated and to the point. My son did two tours in Afghanistan, and his stories reflect your point here as well.
The media, for whatever reason seems to give terrorists a free pass.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Baby Ricochet

9 Years Ago

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.
I hate to discuss politics, I hate to get into wars and religion and etc... but if you're interested in the subject, I suggest you hear both side's story.. Hamas isn't on a mission to eradicate Israel, Hamas is merely an armed resistance against an occupying entity that is Israel, Hamas and Gaza have been under siege by none other than Israel for the past 9 years, they are not allowed to travel or even go to nearby towns, no export/import action for any kind of products including food supplies or clothes or anything... and for the past month they've been under Israeli bombing where they are losing their homes, their families, their children.. and let's not talk about those who died may they rest in peace, let's talk about those Palestinians who actually survive, no education because schools have been bombed, no homes, cause entire neighborhoods are bombed, they will continue to live PTSD and traumas of all kinds.. Hamas wants to end the siege so that the people of Gaza can live like you and I live, a dignified human life.. and Israel's response to that, is more bombings... I don't expect to change your views, but I'm sharing you mine, I'm against innocent people's killing on both sides, I don't wish to see Israelis lose their families, their sons, their mothers, or anything dear... but when I compare the damages that Israel has suffered to that suffered by Palestinians, my compassion cannot but go towards them because they are the weaker part here...

Posted 9 Years Ago

Baby Ricochet

9 Years Ago

Honestly. After two deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan, I don't believe either side. In Iraq.. read more
I am at the point where I don't even know how to respond although I do believe the media spin does more damage than good, on so many levels. I don't believe Israel is without blame but I do not support HAMAS. Perhaps I'm just old and crotchety and jaded. But you touched on a point many don't bring up. HAMAS has one agenda and it isn't peace the way we understand it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Baby Ricochet
Baby Ricochet

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