The Meeting

The Meeting

A Poem by Baby Ricochet

What do ya want? It's a poem, right?

She said she was sophisticated 
and then hooked up with me 
Hanging around in my baggy shorts
and black wife beater tee

I met her at the Laundromat 
She had on yoga pants 
Her apple bottom a*s singing 
a song of hot romance

Oh man did I want a piece of that 
deep in my DNA
I had to run some game on her 
and keep my lust at bay

And I don't have what you'd call game 
I blurt out what I think 
Schmoozing ain't my specialty 
So I don't over think 

The view was blaring on TV 
I hate that goddamn show 
A bunch of women talking s**t 
I just don't want to know 

I blurted out "you watch this show?" 
She looked up and said "Huh?"  
Her default when she's caught off guard 
That's when her brain goes "duh" 

She said she didn't watch the show 
and then we talked some crap 
and then I pulled the big guns out 
My service record rap 

Suddenly she was interested 
in everything I said 
What I'd seen and what I'd done 
and where my boots had tread 

We went out late that afternoon 
the rest is history 
I must have got it right that day 
because she's still with me 

© 2015 Baby Ricochet

Author's Note

Baby Ricochet
I don't really have "game." What I do have is a big smile, big muscles, a great sense of humor and enough common sense not to come on lecherous, creepy or needy. Unless you're trying to be some kind of pick up artist that's enough for a guy to find a nice girlfriend. I did

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Never was one for chatting up women with pre thought lines. Best to treat them, in my eyes, as you would a mate and get 'em giggling. Can relate to this so enjoyed the read. Thanks

Posted 4 Years Ago

Always said television kills the art of conversation.
Hope it's still going strong.

Posted 4 Years Ago

France France France France France.......................

Posted 4 Years Ago

At least you know how to reel them in. An insightful read.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Sometimes … the best way to get it right is to not try. Great write, Baby.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Well done my friend. Well put across. I enjoyed the read.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Good one Rico! A man without "game" is a joy, truly. Much love -


Posted 5 Years Ago

So that is how it is done. I thought I had to have a working line. A nice car, a few bucks in my pocket! All ! need are a few muscles and call myself 'baby'! I do not know man! Calling myself Baby is the tough part. My given name is Wayne and I don't even use that. There must be something to what you say though, she is still with you! Anything that you are not telling us Baby?

Posted 6 Years Ago

Baby Ricochet

6 Years Ago

Being in the right place at the right time helps

6 Years Ago

Now, I need a touch of magic too. Where is that Copperfield when I need him?
More than enough … I would say. Loved this snapshot in dating baby.:)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Like the comedian Gallagher says, "You got S-T-Y-L-E! That takes care of much.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Baby Ricochet
Baby Ricochet

Tampa, FL

I write just for the hell of it A way to spend some time Blurting out in cyber space Whatever's on my mind Maybe funny maybe tragic Emotional and raw Politi.. more..


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