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Do you see the distant houses and factories across the shore,

They’re beautiful and plenty, but once there was much more,

The other end of the harbor used to look much like the side you see,

And cov’ring it and dotting it and surrounding it were trees,

The trees were brown in winter, in summer they were green,

The trees were every shade in fall and cut down in the spring,

The hearts of men were greedy, The brains of men were ill,

The trees were burned in Barrows, and torn down in the mill,

They were hunted to endangerment, near extinction to appease,

The wishes of the greediest and the richest Kings and Queens,

They were burnt up to warm their bones,

They were chopped down to deck their homes,

A man said to his honor, “Oh dear lord could you please,”

“Completely end the chopping and the burning of the trees?”,

The king saw worth in the message those things that grant our air,

For breathing and surviving but many did not care,

For the man and his kin had replanted the seeds,

In what were just hopes of restarting the trees,

The man is gone and has been for long, but the trees have come back since then

But all need keep a watchful eye, for trees are falling down again,

Do you see the distant houses and factories ‘cross the shore,

They’re beautiful and well plenty, but once there was much more.

                                        Thank You

© 2017 London

Author's Note

I spent a lot of time on this poem. I don't mean to waste yours, but if you're interested hit me up, thank you so much!

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Well written and and a lovely message. I like how the first and last lines are the same

Posted 3 Years Ago

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3 Years Ago

I thought it would sort of tie it up while also giving the message a little more punch. Thank youread more
Really nice. I enjoyed it.

Posted 3 Years Ago

We need to replant trees when we cut them down. We pave everything over when we should be savoring nature a little more.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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3 Years Ago

This was absolutely my angle! People barely care about the planet and I end up just going off on peo.. read more
Poetic Beauty

3 Years Ago

You are welcome. While playing we all can't do everything; there are small things all of use can do .. read more

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