Writer's Block

Writer's Block

A Poem by DesertRock

My own take on writer's block, which I've been facing lately.

Dropping my pen on the desk,
No words flow from the ink.
It's never been this hard before.
Have I finally lost everything?
Everything I worked so hard for?
I don't want to believe it,
So I say a silent prayer to God
And I pick the pen up again.

© 2010 DesertRock

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Never let Writer's Block defeat you! Good move there, picking up the pen again. :)

I like this poem.
It's simple but it's impacting. Of course, all writers can identify with it, too, because we all experience Writer's Block from time to time and understand how hopeless and devastating it can feel. It's hard to overcome the frustration and keep going -- usually I just want to cry or slam my computer shut or rip out the page I'm writing on.

This poem captures the beginning of that emotion very well.
I also like how it starts with dropping the pen on the desk and ends with picking it back up. It begins with an end and ends with a beginning. Beautiful!

Keep up the great work -- upload more writing! You're good, so share your art with us! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

I think every writer, not only on here, but everywhere can relate to this poem. We have all been at our desks waiting to write something and nothing comes to mind. I hate when I'm at my desk with the pencil in my hand basically crying, i had a really bad day, and I have so much to write about but nothing comes to the peice of paper. I hate even more when I don't think I want to write, or I'm in the middle of an exam or something and all these ideas come pouring into my head. It stinks. I love the last lines. Sometimes we just have to cool down, think for a minute and even pray then go back to the writing because if we get too frustrated about having nothing down it will be no use. This is definitely going into my library. Please get more writing on here, and send me a read requet when you do! Thanks!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on December 22, 2010
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