The Intruder

The Intruder

A Chapter by Decere Tiozon

A sleep paralysis experience.


The Intruder

Throughout the whole night, nothing happened. As far as I could recall, there was not a single dream that either made me laugh or made me cry. I was in total darkness, with nothing in front of me. It was quiet, peaceful and serene. It was one of the only few times my mind was completely blank, when my brain could actually take a rest. My slow, breathing kept at the same tempo. Everything was fine.

My chest began to ache. Something heavy sat on top of me. My eyes squeezed, uneasy and unsure. I couldn’t see anything, but I began to panic. Immediately I was awake; there was a chance for me to control my body. As soon as I tried to lift a finger, a piercing pain took over my body. Even the slightest movement surged an electric pain, causing my muscles to lock in place. I was trapped in my own body, fully awake and totally coherent.

The beast on top of me began to form a shape through this darkness. Its bat-like wings spread over me. It leaned closer, smiling with its razor sharp teeth. I tried to look away, but couldn’t. I became a living statue. My heart raced a marathon, unable to calm down. In this whole experience, I knew that I was in the middle of a panic attack. My eyes moved from side-to-side, the only part of me that I had actual control. There was nothing to see, but there I still felt the menacing presence.

Mentally, I imagined my whole body moving. However, it wouldn’t come to a reality. The claustrophobia that constrained me kept me awake. I was in the middle of falling back asleep and waking up. The dream world collided with reality. It was the in between. I had to get out.

Whispers began to hum into my ear, here and there. They disappeared and reappeared, humming a haunting tune. Gradually, I tried connecting my mental will to my physical will. Fingers wiggled, toes twitched�"these were the easiest to start with. But the demon wouldn’t let me go. It held on to me, numbing my body over and over again.

In my head, I kicked my way out of the situation. It felt as if my soul moved and floundered inside the very body it housed. Pain spread out, like I was laying in a needle stack. Each will to move, the needles point to that certain spot on my body in order to bring it back to numbness. Nonetheless, I fought my way through.

I gasped, opening my eyes. I found myself inside our family camper, recalling why I was there in the first place. Both my sisters slept around me. I was almost teetering off the edge of the bed.  It was in the middle of summer, when we slept in the camper instead of  our own bedroom. I sat straight up, feeling dizzy. I had no intention of falling back asleep.

Never fall back asleep after a sleep paralysis episode. This will only bring you back to that seemingly dangerous, though frightening world. The intruder will pull you along with him.

© 2014 Decere Tiozon

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This is amazing book i hope you continue to write more of this book

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Decere Tiozon

9 Years Ago

I will try and continue. It's really hard because most of my dreams aren't this vivid. So I'd probab.. read more

9 Years Ago

Your welcome
Very interesting story. Such a brilliant write. :-)


Posted 9 Years Ago

love your story, it really good

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Decere Tiozon
Decere Tiozon

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